20 February 2010

February 2010 (i)

You would perhaps guess a lot happened in February, since I didn't blog at all. But judging by my pictures (which shape a lot of my story telling) it wasn't terribly interesting.

Jesse turned 28. And whereas I want to document everything having to do with my only special day, he does not. I got him an All Clad Saute pan. Yes, it's something he wanted. Joel got us all tickets to see Roastmaster Jeffrey Ross who was performing in North Beach. Jesse's birthday was on a Friday, which meant he was off and I had to work. I don't remember what he & Joel did all day, but I don't think it was very exciting. We went to the gym that Saturday morning. I made BBQ wings & sweet potato fries for dinner that evening. The show was that night. We had a good time and (I think) were all kind of hungover the next day. Unfortunately Jesse had to go to work.

Joel & I threw a Super Bowl party for ourselves. We decided on pigs in a blanket, nachos (with two blends for dipping) and a sweet tea with peach schnapps and bourbon. It was a lot for two people but that didn't stop us from eating everything in sight. I made some banana bread for Jesse (as it was still his birthday in my mind) and he went to sleep. I suppose he was pleased.

We had a great Valentine's Day weekend. We both contributed and I think that made it more fun. There have been times when I left it all to Jesse. Some of those times were more pleasing than others. This year I did not feel the need to add pressure. I made pancakes. They weren't heart shaped or anything, but they weren't whole wheat either. I started using whole wheat flour a while ago to make the pancakes healthier, and they're still good. But white flour is lighter and tastier. So I switched it up. He loved them, even though he didn't realize why. And then our adventure began.

We went to store, bought a bottle of wine and some raw, shelled, sunflower seeds, and started hiking up every steep part of Telegraph Hill. We were on a hunt and while I didn't know our prey, I could tell Jesse was quietly excited to happen upon something. But that never happened. We were looking for the wild parrots. Apparently he & Joel (on some bro-mantic occasion) found the birds and Jesse wanted to show them to me. But he didn't remember exactly where he had seen them. And one steep hill in San Francisco looks like any other steep hill in San Francisco. And parrots are birds. They don't need to stay in one place. And just as I had felt Jesse's quiet excitement, I felt his disappointment. He suggested we give up & go home.

We went up...

... and we went down.

Going home seemed silly to me. It was a really nice day. We had a bottle of wine and I had seen some great views while he had been racing up and down steps looking for birds. I told him to stop and smell the allergy-inducing flowers. And he did. We went to a park, drank our wine, then went to our favorite neighborhood bar for nachos. They're really good nachos. We killed a little time then went to a taping of Important Things with Demitri Martin. It was my first time as part of a "live studio audience." It was cool at first, but we were really thirsty by the end. It worked out though, because we had a cooler full of food packed... back at home.

Jesse had thought to bring the cooler with us earlier. It's great he didn't because those hills were bad enough with just wine & sunflower seeds. We spread our feast of turkey sandwiches out on the bed and inhaled them. Jesse had made turkey sandwiches with (I think) Swiss cheese, bean sprouts, and mustard. There were pineapple chunks (because I love them) and tiny cupcakes.

The cooler.

My sandwich.

I love tiny things!

Thus concluded date night. I think we had planned to watch a movie with Joel afterward but were just too tired. That was alright by me. I had found our romantic adventure most satisfying.

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