16 January 2010

Welcome. And Until Next Time

You may remember my swim coach, Coach Becca. Turns out her goal in life was not to be just my swim coach. I know, I was surprised too. Becca wants to be a sports reporter. She loves sports. She loves reporting. I know nothing about the former and have no desire to do the latter. But Becca & I are different. And sometime after Christmas, she got a job as a sports reporter. So once again this business brought me a friend and took her away.

Becca left in late January. Jesse & I decided to take her out to dinner. He picked Palomino, which looks nothing like the website suggests. Palomino is known (at least in my circle) for having a great happy hour. So Jesse & I thought it only proper we show up early and sample. We sat outside, had some drinks and ordered three appetizers. It should have been noted the appetizers are built for sharing. We had potatoes Gorgonzola, brick oven roasted mussels, and king crab & artichoke dip. Jesse finished the mussels by his lonesome and therefore could not help me finish anything else. Everything was delicious and we were full just in time for dinner.

Two of my friends from Las Vegas (Julia & Jon) happened to be in San Francisco that weekend. I invited them to dinner and we all had a great time. Afterward, we walked through the Financial District and over to a bar in North Beach. Bar #1 had a band with two dedicated fans. I got the impression the lead singer wanted to put the "rock" in "rock n roll," but never fully committed. He was wearing tight, apparently stone-washed jeans that laced up the sides. But he was also wearing an over-sized t-shirt, backwards baseball cap, and white sneakers. I imagined he ran out of steam putting on those pants and just could not recover. We left.

We then went to The Board Room (of guest bar tending fame) and played "Never Ever Have I Ever." It was interesting. First of all, I don't think I've ever played a drinking game at bar. I also can't remember the last time I played that particular game. I mean there aren't even cards involved. But instead of asking "why," we asked "why not," and played. We learned a few things about each other and were decidedly tipsy when we called it a night.

Becca went home and then to North Carolina. We pointed Jon & Julia toward their hotel (because his iPhone wasn't) and they spent the rest of the weekend touring before going back to Vegas. Jesse & I set our sites on Mexico.

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