03 January 2010

The Transition to 28 iii: Lunch & A Movie

28 started with a phone call from my dad at 5:56AM. I was not born at 5:56AM (or at 8:56AM on the east coast) so there was no reason for my dad to be calling at such an hour. I didn't make it to the phone in time and I didn't call him back right away. Even on my birthday, I'm less than pleasant first thing in the morning. I opened my card from Jesse & my presents from Joel (who wasn't even there to see my happiness). We had a light breakfast and went to the gym. It was Jesse's idea and it was a good one.

We're off to Mexico for a wedding later this month and bathing suits will be worn. Other than that, I took December off from exercise. I first called it "race-recovery." The plan was to exercise, but not run. Then it became "don't use the leg with the sore IT band." And then it was "anything that doesn't both legs is boring." The holidays came and so did parties and treats and other plans. When all was said, done, wrapped, shipped, and opened -- I had exercised no more than three times. I felt gross. So the gym was a perfect idea.

My actual birthday was an afternoon date night. We went to eat at Pizzeria Delfina. Again, I had never heard of it and again I was the only one. It's in Pacific Heights - which is a neighborhood full of shops and eateries. I told Jesse we could never live that close to unique eateries AND a Johnny Rockets that delivers. We'd be fat and broke. But totally well fed.

We added ourselves to the waiting list but as you can see, it moved pretty fast. Jesse had mussels for an appetizer. We drank lemonade and ordered the Brocolli Raab & Panna Pizzas. They were both excellent, but the Broccoli Raab was a little too salty for me. It was still great, but I reached for a drink after every slice. And generally I don't drink while I eat. It's just a thing I don't do. Don't judge me.

Our date night continued with a movie at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema. Aside from having Robert Redford's face all over place, the theater has a full bar and food service. Our tickets cost the same as they would for any other theater, but we got to sit on a balcony and have drinks. Word to the wise if you ever go: the front row of the balcony isn't as great as it looks on a touch screen. There's a safety bar. And once you recline, that bar blocks the bottom of the screen. It's just enough to, I don't know, block subtitles.

We enjoyed the movie (Sherlock Holmes) and of course wish more success for Guy Ritchie. We happen to enjoy most of his work.

Our date concluded with a (long) walk back home, where Jesse prepared for his first day of work in the new year and I prepared for a hair appointment. My fantastical princess weekend wrapped as subtly as it started and I enjoyed very minute of it. I asked Kate to remind me of my birthday fun any time I told her I was annoyed with our hero. You can feel free to do the same.

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