30 January 2010

Riviera Maya: The Wedding

We woke up a little worse for the wear on our first full day in Mexico. I had a full fledged cold. I still had no voice. And neither of us felt rested. Still, life on the resort had to go on. We went to breakfast, only to find out it was lunch time. I don't remember what we ate, but we were soon back in our room, testing the hammock and making important (pool or beach) decisions.

Me in the hammock.

The courtyard in the middle of our building.

Something to do besides drinking & lounging.

We ended up at the beach. I'm not one for uncontrolled bodies of water. The Gulf of Mexico should be considered as such. There were rocks in the water, a strong undertow and pounding waves. It was terrifying. Jesse was thrilled. He loves water. He loves to watch it. He loves to listen to it. He loves to allow it to beat him up. It makes him so happy. And it makes me happy to watch him. Fortunately for you, I like to share.

I did splash a little, despite being laid out by a few waves, I had a good time. And then it was "go" time. We showered, dress, and met our group in the courtyard. We traveled by trolley to the church, which happened to be in the neighboring resort right across from Galaxy. I wish I could give a flowery description here, telling you how the bride floated and the groom beamed. But that's not how it happened for me. I sat in the pew and tried to absorb it all. There were mothers crying and men in suits sweating. Kelsee looked great. The priest was sincere in wishing happiness. Two people were bound by religion and Mexican law. To me, it was a ceremony and the people involved were happy with it. I was happy for them, but felt no personal longing or connection. At the end I asked Jesse if he had been moved into wanting to get married. He said he didn't know if he even wanted to go to another wedding. We're kindred.

Jesse & I just before the wedding.

The ceremony was very quick. Pictures were a different story. I thought the photographer was great. She was mindful of shadows and had a lot of ideas. She took a lot of group photos. And when she wasn't, group members were taking their own photos. I'd say there are 2,000+ pictures of us on that beach. They're all awesome - because pictures taken on a beach can't not be awesome.

Eventually we took the trolley back to the church for a reception. We sat outside under the setting sun with a full bar and a mariachi band. It was perfect - until the mosquitoes found us. I hadn't dealt with mosquitoes like that since Fargo. It never dawned on me to even bring mosquito repellent. I literally paid for my rookie travel mistake with blood. And then it was dinner time.

We ate at the steakhouse at the resort. I ordered chicken. It was salty, but otherwise good. There was glass clinking, speech making and friend thanking. Then more picture taking. We changed into our swim clothes and met the newlyweds at the beach. The group hung out for a while, and then we all paired off. The moon was nearly full. The water was warm. We were vacationing. It was serene.

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