29 January 2010

Riviera Maya: Friends

One of my favorite things about Jesse is how much he loves water. Sure it presents a challenge when he doesn't understand my fear of drowning, but when he's alone in his element he has so much fun. I could watch him frolic forever. And that's mostly what I did that first afternoon on the beach. I brought books for reading and a notebook for writing but when presented with a moment to myself, I did neither. I just relaxed. It's as awesome as they say it is.

"Bring it."

Coatis. These little guys were in any wooded area on the resort. They look cute, but I never turned my back on them.

Judging by absolutely nothing at all, we decided it was time to find Ryan & Kelsee. Each building at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya has a concierge. We found ours, got their room number, and caught them "home," eating chicken nuggets. I wish I had taken a picture of the nuggets. They turned out to be among the best foods at the resort. I can't explain it. And I choose not to dissect it. I'm sure they wouldn't pass muster for the golden arches, but they were seasoned and they were good. And they were only available via room service. A delicious mystery wrapped in flour.

We chatted with Ryan & Kelsee until it was time to get our keys. During the walk to the front desk, we learned the restaurant that wasn't on our map was actually not part of our resort. Iberostar has three or four resorts lined up along the coast. Each resort has its own bracelet. Our bracelet allowed eating at all, drinking at most. The resort next door didn't allow children, which explains (at least to me) the retiree feel of the place.

Our room was perfect. It did not overlook the coast like in my vision but everything else was as I wanted. There was a happy towel-animal waiting for us. We had a patio (with hammock) and a bed that looked really comfortable. That last part turned out to be an illusion but at the time we were pleased. We unpacked and headed back down to the beach, because that's what one does at a resort.

We met the rest of the wedding part and during introductions I realized I didn't have my voice. I can only think of one other time when I've lost my voice and even now I'm not sure I'm not imagining that. In case you're wondering, it is indeed embarrassing to have to say "hi, nice to meet you. I don't normally sound like this" repeatedly. But my socializing / drinking / fun-having abilities were not affected.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. That means sushi and teppanyaki for all. Jesse seemed to enjoy the sushi although he would later say it wasn't that good. He (and a lot of other people) would also order Saki and not like it. I stuck with margaritas. I saw no reason to be even more adventurous.

The fixings.

Part of the process.

The end result.

We wasted some time at a bar after dinner until the grand pirate show. Someone had enlisted our groom and while we had no idea what the show entailed, we knew it would be an embarrassing must-see event. We were right. Ryan and the other lucky pirates had to do a variety of physical stunts. There was a pillow fight. There was a Michael Jackson dance-off. There was beer drinking through a straw. There were push ups and there were sexy dances. In the end, a guy from Kansas City won. And he probably deserved it. I had never seen anyone drink beer through a straw as if it were lemonade.

Our final stop of our first night was at Galaxy, a Star Wars themed disco. I can't explain it. But it had something for everyone in our party and was therefore perfect. We drank and danced all night. I cannot convey how much fun I had. It was what some would call "a blast." Eventually we went home, ordered nuggets from room service & passed out. There was to be a wedding the next day.

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