28 January 2010

Riviera Maya: Food

First order of business on our vacation: food. We were so hungry. I think there were peanuts on the flight, and we had our own peanuts, raisins and granola bars. But we wanted hot, filling, delicious food. I should have taken pictures of the lobby. I should have gotten panoramic shots of sculptures. I should have documented that sweet & fruity drink they gave us while we filled out information cards. But I didn't. We were hunters. We studied the map and headed east. We stopped at the first restaurant we saw, ordered and ate. Once our collective blood sugar was up, we realized two things. First: we were significantly younger than everyone else in the restaurant. Secondly: we had no idea where we were.

The name of the restaurant was on the menu. It was not on our map. I read the whole thing about the shopping areas, buffets, restaurants and exercise areas. The place in which we were did not exist. Imaginary or not, we were served food & drinks and were able to fully decompress from the trip.

I grabbed giant grapes, which I intended to eat until Jess reminded me I should not be eating the skin. You know, just in case.

Giant grape compared to margarita.

A prawn meeting his destiny. Jesse would suck the juices from his head and be very pleased with the taste.

Yes. I had a cocktail with my vanilla ice cream & raspberry sauce. It's my version of a digestive gamble.

I admit, the food was not very satisfying. But we weren't there to eat. We were there to vacation. And just outside the restaurant doors, we stepped into a Corona commercial. There's not much to say about it. It was beautiful. Waves were crashing. Birds were chirping. Jesse was splashing and I was sitting.

It's very difficult for me to relax. I see every moment as an opportunity to accomplish. I push until I'm drained, and then I'm disappointed with what I did not do. The best way (I've learned) to get me to do nothing, is to take me away from home, away from my phone and away from the Internet. Basically put me in a place where there is nothing I can accomplish. Riviera Maya is such a place. And while Jesse frolicked among the waves, I sat and painted my toenails. If that doesn't say "vacation, I don't know what does.

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  1. Why shouldn't you eat the skin? Cause of the danger of Mexican water?