05 January 2010

"2010 Will be Contained"

2010 is here and as Joel told me in a text, "2010 will be contained." He was responding to my new organizational canisters but I think the sentiment can apply to anything. I made grandiose resolutions last year. I did not keep any of them. I made even fewer charitable donations than ever before in my adult life. I'm healthier, but I am not the svelte picture of health I wanted to be. My balance on one of those credit cards that were frozen (for only 6 months of the year) is only down $700. I can offer solid excuses. I was supporting two people with one income for a lot of last year. I allowed myself to soften & plump over the winter holidays. My overall debt is down significantly and I've gotten rid of one of those cards entirely. Still, I'm not where I wanted to be and while I am not pleased, I can't say I'm too unhappy. We had a lot of fun at the end of last year.
Looking ahead, this year is about choices. We've decided to choose time with friends and family over lots of other things. We're going to try to travel more, while saving money. We're confident it can be done if we make the right choices. So one could say my resolution for 2010 is more face time.

We are going to go back to Fargo, because we miss it. It's been a while since we were there together and there are lots of people we miss.

Two of my brothers (Derek & Ty) are coming to visit San Francisco in March. It's been years since we three were together and this trip will be our first excursion without our dad. It will be a party.

We also have a new brother. His name is Jordan (formerly Jarred) and I have yet to meet him. We're scheduled to bond in July, when my dad & Deva get married. I'm excited about that, because the best kinds of babies are the ones you can give back to their parents.

I've also been invited to Dayana's 5th birthday party. She told me she was inviting everyone and that I should come for a play date. Her birthday is in June so I have time.

2010 will bring some adult entertainment too. We're planning a great camping & fishing trip. I'm really excited for that. Jesse's dad has outfitted us with just about everything we need to fish (we have to get our own bait and licenses), so we're planning to go once it gets a little warmer.

And a little bit down the line - almost on the 2011 calendar - we are going to New Zealand. We now know someone there (Angie) and that's all we really needed to prod us.

So 2010 is going to be great, and maybe a little overwhelming. But we have built in vacations, so it will be 100% fun. And I'm really excited.

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