26 December 2009

Christmas 2009

We started planning Christmas before Thanksgiving. We tried to think of gifts throughout the year and we tried to write them down. Turns out it's difficult for adults to go months without getting something they want. Still, we had a good list and promised to get everything ordered / shipped / delivered in time. We put up our own little tree and our one string of lights. We posted our cards on the wall and made a birthday pile for Joel - whose birthday is December 24th. This year, our Christmas was planned early and thoroughly. And the snags were deep and complicated.

I had to work late on Christmas Eve. I am not going into details, but my schedule was changed at the last possible minute. The circumstances were out of my control and the fallout was severe. I worked two hours later than planned on Christmas Eve, which is when we have dinner & presents. It was not because of any emergency or unforeseeable happening. Human error rained in our Christmas parade and I was angry. Jesse was furious. The situation changed the mood but we did our best to recover.

Jesse made macaroni & cheese with white cheddar and broccoli. He also cooked a turkey breast. Joel made knishes and I made pie & brownies. We also had extra lefse left from Thanksgiving. It was more than enough for three people and I thought we had done well not going overboard. But we actually had, we just didn't know it. I am not complaining.

We opened presents right after dinner. It's nice that Joel (who is not a Gentile) has his birthday at the same time. I think it would have been odd for us to be opening presents while he just sat there. In terms of presents, we had a great haul. I liked every single thing I was given. Some exchanges need(ed) to be made. Jesse got me rain boots that seemed too wobbly. He questioned their "structural integrity." My mom & Vicki sent glasses and some were broken. My dad & Deva sent us a 12 cup coffee maker. While we do have 12 coffee mugs, we can't fit 12 people in our apartment.

We also had to facilitate our own exchanges. Both of Jess's parents received the wrong gifts. They were ordered from different companies and our receipts are correct. But the items were wrong. Let me reach deep into my vernacular to say it sucks to think you have Christmas in the bag only to find the bag does not contain what you ordered. Jesse's dad recommended we go outside and actually shop for gifts in order to make sure people get what we want them to have. He may be on to something.

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