21 December 2009

AND I Appeared in A Magazine

Just as I was arriving back in San Francisco, Lucy called to tell me she had received my magazine. I of course had no way of getting it that night, but I was sure to tell the world it was available. I appeared in the January 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine. I'm on page 55, next to Carrie Underwood and across from Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser. I know! It's awesome. I owe it all to Twitter.

I follow Fitness Magazine. I happened to see a tweet from the staff back in September asking people to explain how they had reached their weight loss goals. I replied. A few days later, someone asked me for my e-mail address and an editor contacted me. She asked me a few questions about how I lost the weight and if tips from the magazine had helped me. The honest answer was no, and I told her as much. Still, she told me my story was selected to appear as a blurb in the January issue. I got really excited, but not too excited. I mean I work in media. I know things can change up until the last second. While I had e-mail confirmation, it meant nothing until someone had a printed copy in their little hands. And that someone was Lucy.

It's cool seeing a (great) picture of myself in a magazine. I know lots of people lose weight. But it's so much more difficult than it sounds. Appearing in this magazine was my grand prize. I mean there's no reward for not eating too much. There's no pat on the back when you don't eat something you shouldn't. Even when you dodge unhealthy mistakes, you still have to add healthy choices in order to get results. Losing weight takes a lot of work and there are very few rewards. So this made being not-as-huge, a huge deal for me.

I find it's also inspiring my parents. I've challenged them both to lose 50lbs this year. They can do it. They need to do it. I'm offering a ridiculous (yet so far undetermined) prize. They both have young children. So they need their energy. This magazine is a tangible reminder to them that it's possible. And it's a reminder to me that I have to stay strong to help them.

All that, from a tweet.

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