24 November 2009

Yeah. We're Doing This.

We're driving to North Dakota for Thanksgiving. We've already left. In fact, we're currently somewhere in Nevada. The Internet told me it would be a 31 hour trip. Knowing that, Jesse, Joel & I still decided to go. Yes, it sounds a little (or a lot) crazy. We understand that. But honestly, at no point in our planning did we consider *not doing it. We do know how to do things properly you know.

The oil has been changed. The car has been checked by a professional (who found 2 screws in one of my tires). Snacks have been purchased, sorted and bagged. Parents have been notified. Tracking systems have been activated. Jesse's mom even sent us a GPS (w/ durable case). We are what I would call "outfitted." We are what most would call prepared. More than that, we are excited. We like adventure and if that's insane, then I'm glad we're insane together.

We're five hours into the trip and the most exciting site we've seen was at a truck stop in Sparks. There was a wall of guns. I'm told John Wayne's spurs were there too, but I didn't see them. After that, there was a moment of panic when I dropped a contact lens. It was recovered. All is well.

~ Courtesy of my VZW Pinkberry

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