25 November 2009

Pocatello II

I started driving as we left Pocatello, so there are things I couldn't update.

First of all, it's in Idaho, not Nevada. I'm not sure why a 24 - hour Wal Mart is necessary, since there were at least 10 times as many workers as there were customers. The restroom was nice. I brushed my teeth, put in my contacts and felt comfortable otherwise freshening. I asked the woman who greeted us as we came in if they had Starbucks Double Shots. And that's when it got to be time to get out of Pocatello.

She didn't know what I was saying. They sold Starbucks energy drinks. They even had Frappuccinos. So (in my mind) I was not out of line in asking for another product. I sent "Kevi" into a frenzy. I described it as a small coffee drink made my Starbucks and caffeinated.

"Well we don't have samples." "That's fine."
"Well go down to grocery and it's aisle 4. You'll see coffee, and coffee mugs, and pickles."

I knew she wasn't describing what I needed, but she was trying. She was scratching her head and maybe even felt really helpful. So I went. I saw coffee. I saw mugs. I saw pickles. No Double Shots. It was time to go. She saw me leaving empty handed and I think she was a little sad. But I thanked her for trying to help me. I want no hostility left for me in Idaho.

And there was something worth photographing - the golden arches from the McDonald's next door were down. They were propped up against a pole. But we had dawdled too long. And it was really cold.

~ Courtesy of my VZW Pinkberry

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