25 November 2009

Miles City, MT

One of my favorite things about living in the Midwest was Taco Johns. I'm not sure how I came to love it, but I do. When we lived in Vegas, I could only have it when cousin Mikey came to visit and we had an insider on the air force base. I hadn't had a potato ole since Thanksgiving 2007, until today. Joel spotted Taco Johns from wherever it was that we got gas. Both the drive through and the interior were packed. It's good stuff.

I've also been stuffing my face all day with treats we brought with us. Good thing I'm running another half marathon last week. I'd be disappointed if I couldn't say I was carbo-loading.

Also, it should be noted I was right: this leg offers nothing for the scenery-lover. I'm not tired, but I may try for another nap. We have seven hours left and maybe an hour's worth of scenery.

~ Courtesy of my VZW Pinkberry

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