30 November 2009

I Heart Montana

Jesse's on his second driving rotation and we're still just in Montana. We took a different way back - staying on the main interstates and not going through the mountains. It's still mountainous terrain, but there are more cell towers along I-90.

So far I can tell you the car is less comfortable on the way back. Jesse & Joel have both caught colds, and are therefore having trouble sleeping. (We just crossed into Idaho!) they've both been tossing & turning. I think they were both muttering too. I drank a large coffee at the start of my first shift (5 hours ago) and not only can I not sleep, I need a restroom in the worst way. Our gas mileage seems to be worse on the way back too, as if we're constantly heading against the wind.

Otherwise, I love(d) Montana. I loved the snow on the mountains. I loved being high enough to see the "big sky." I told Jesse we could homestead there. He didn't say no. Of course it helps that it's a full moon and everything already grand looks even better. It's a clear night and I am again reminded of how rare it is for me to see the stars.

I love road trips.

- desperately seeking a potty.

~ Courtesy of my VZW Pinkberry

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