28 November 2009

The Epitome of "Holiday"

I'm on vacation! I'm having a great time doing as little as possible. This is me during a cutthroat afternoon of bingo at the Knights of Columbus. My only success was winning $10 in pull tabs. We let that ride and came out with nothing. Joel on the other hand won $49 in bingo. It almost makes up for a hold 'em tournament incident last night.

I spent today doing what I've been doing since I left San Francisco: eating. Today (just today) I (only I) had lemon cake (2 pieces), french toast, pancakes, toast, more lemon cake, popcorn, an ice cream bar and lumpia. The lumpia was just an appetizer for the steak / salmon / macaroni & cheese dinner. I can't count the cocktails, but they're plentiful. If I didn't eat again until 2010, my body might not notice.

More that food though, I've been able to relax. That matters a lot. It's rare and it was much needed after the 3 months I've had at work. I'm really happy right now. And I just wanted to share that.

~ Courtesy of my VZW Pinkberry

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