12 October 2009

Ambitious Vacation (vi)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

One day at an Angie-Danie pace was too much for Jesse. He woke up Sunday with a cold. We all slept in, since our plan for the day wasn't going to happen. We thought to drive to Yosemite and spend the day there. It would have been gorgeous had there not been a fire in the park. The live cameras showed smoke and hazy conditions. There of course was the chance the fire would have been out by the time we got there, but we doubted the evacuation order would have been lifted just for us. So we slept another two hours and headed to Lake Tahoe.

We hadn't been to Lake Tahoe since before we moved to California. Jesse and I camped on the Nevada side last August with Chris and Amber. This time we were on the California side and while we went there thinking we'd do some hiking, three days of action caught up to us. We could have hiked, but we already had a great view from the ground. We stopped at a scenic overlook (to of course capture the scenery) and realized we really didn't need to do much else.

We found a better beach spot and a grocery store to provide snacks. Angie & I ventured into the water while Jesse either rested in the sun or wandered in the streets. We relaxed. We dozed. It was like a the Saturday to our vacation work week. It was great. We ended up walking through a free concert area, where Angie experimented with her telephoto lens. As far as I can tell, the lens makes anything look awesome. Jesse had the same theory and of course put it to the test.

While I understood the concept, my brain had trouble putting it into play.

Seriously? What was I trying to do there.
Eventually I got it, but trust the picture would have been better if Angie had taken it.

Tahoe was great to us. Again we had perfect weather and everything worked out as well as we could have hoped. It was the beginning of the end of Angie's trip.

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