09 October 2009

Ambitious Vacation (iv.a)

San Francisco, 28 August 2009

To you, reader, it may seem like Angie had the never ending trip to San Francisco. I assure you that's not at all how it was. We were constantly aware of time. So on our first full day not impeded by work, we pulled out the car and hit the other side of town. We started at Sutro Heights, where I continued to tease Angie with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked along a trail that turned out to be part of the course I ran on my first ten mile run. It was difficult for me to be sure it was the same place because while we ran in fog and mist, Angie brought the sunshine. It was like a different city. For a few days, San Francisco was sunny when we wanted it to be sunny, and foggy when we expected fog. I called it the "Angie Anomaly."

A woman took this picture of us and the Golden Gate Bridge. This is before I knew Angie would abandon me in the event of a bee on my person. She literally could not look at me while it was on my body / bag. It was most distressing. 


With the Golden Gate to our right, we had arrived at the Pacific Ocean. Again, it's rare for Ocean Beach to be sunny, and even at noon on a Friday, people were ready to take advantage.  We saw plenty of surfers gearing up and heading out to sea. Angie and I decided to dip our toes in the water. I wanted to be less warm and I'm sure Angie wanted to take some pictures. It was a perfect plan, until my OCD tendencies literally burned me. 

There we were on the sidewalk, just a flight of stairs and a series of steps from the ocean. I was in a happy place and on top of that, I had the opportunity to think about the parts of me I wanted to get wet. You know how it is - you and your friends find yourselves at some body of water and before you know it, your jeans are wet or your butt is wet and you have to live with that for the rest of the day. You pretend it's all part of the fun. But it's not and you end up cold and grumpy. I had an opportunity to not do that, and I took it. I stopped at the top of the stairs, rolled my pants, removed my shoes, and took off my socks. There would be no extra sand in the car. My pants would be dry for the rest of the day. All would be good. 

But I was wrong. 

I did not accurately anticipate how quickly damp sand turns into hot sand. The sand was terrible. It was beyond terrible. It was hot to the point where I swear my blood vessels hurt. If you look at the above picture, I basically had to go from the left side to the right. It looks kind of wide in that picture, but when it's facing you, it totally seems attainable. And it was. I made it to cooler sand and eventually to the ocean, where I planted my feet deep into refreshment. 
But eventually we had to return. And while logic told me the ocean water would keep my feet cold for at least half of the trip, logic also lied. It was worse on the way back. And knowing there was no wet sand on the other side broke me. I had to put on my socks. Angie (in her flip flops) had quite the giggle and took the picture.
I survived. My pants survived and I was pretty pleased with the beating I gave my socks. And aside from some minor throbbing in my feet, all was well.

We continued our tour.

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  1. You do realize that I will probably make my 2nd visit to SF before you finish blogging about my 1st visit...Just saying :)