14 September 2009

A Special Note...

Dear Anonymous Donor:

I know you're here somewhere, and I want to thank you. Your donation (as you probably noticed) brought me to my fundraising goal. It's kind of like the end of one part of my training. The race is four weeks and four days away and I'm ready. I've learned a lot about running, achieving and what it takes to meet goals. I hope I've shown you (and all my other donors) more about myself, and maybe inspired you a bit.

Thanks again.

I hit my fundraising goal over the weekend. It was a shock to me, I assure you. I mean it was a goal, and I intended to hit it. But I got there in what some would call "one fell swoop" via one donation. I was shopping when I got the email and I got all excited in the mall. It's a great feeling.

Also great - I ran 11 miles on Saturday. I know. That just happened. I'm not saying it was pretty, but I did it. You can what that taught me here.

And just because I've reached my goal, doesn't mean the LLS has done the same. So feel free to keep donating. I mean I am going to keep running.

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