10 September 2009

A Proper Pint

Baskin Robbins is treating me to a proper pint, I think. I got a few gift certificates in the mail today. I don't know how much a pint of their ice cream costs, but I'll be affronted if these gift certificates don't cover it. Still, our conflict is not exactly resolved.

The letter thanked me for my feedback, and I was promised that it would get to the proper people. But there was no explanation of why a pint does not translate to 16 ounces in the state of California. It's almost as if it's a given, and if someone does know why, they didn't tell Kathryn in customer relations.

I'm pleased with the timely response, and with the fact that I'll get a proper pint just for asking. Now all I need is someone who can answer my question.
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~ Danie D.
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