07 October 2009

Ambitious Vacation (ii)

San Francisco, 26 August, 2009

What's there to do once one visits the Cheesecake Factory and doesn't eat the cheesecake?

I took my guilt laden (& extremely full) self, and my friend Angie for a walk. I wanted to show her everything. And as turns out, she wanted to see everything. Still, we were in the best kind of food coma - the kind you get sitting on a balcony overlooking Union Square eating delicious food. But we had to get going. There is a lot to see in San Francisco. So we walked.

We walked through Union Square. Neither of us particularly enjoy shopping (awesome) so we were through there and out quickly. We saw the Powell Street Cable Car stop, and all the confusion that surrounds it. We walked down Market Street and happened upon the Apple store, which became an instant must-visit. This is what makes Angie unique - she likes gadgets. I can only begin to describe her camera (a Canon something or other). She also has a Mac, and she's about to get a new one. So we stopped to discuss screen size. It was just one of several atypical tourist things we did during her visit. And we kept walking.

We walked more along Market Street, crossed through the Yerba Buena Gardens, passed the Moscone Center, and walked down Mission Street. We were almost at Jesse's job, and it was almost time for him to go home. I showed Angie what I call the Beetlejuice heads, we picked up a sturdier bag for our Justify Fullleftovers, and we ventured upward. The walk got steep.

Our trek took us up my favorite stairs, and to Coit Tower. I showed Angie where the Golden Gate Bridge was, but just part of the base was visible through the fog. We walked around the base of the tower, saw some of the piers and ventured down Telegraph Hill. Once we got to the bottom, Angie spotted the famous part of Lombard and we were headed up once again.

Thwarted by The Light
Something we learned early on in Angie's trip - even on a nice day, there is a small window of opportunity for pictures. Our first trip to Lombard was timed with the setting sun. So the pictures weren't great. But seeing as how we were already up the hill, we took a hillside tour.

I showed Angie the steepest parts of my neighborhood. There are a few parks, and therefore a few views. I took her up the street on which I refuse to park. There are usually spots available, but it's so steep I worry my car is going to roll onto its side.

After all that, we ended up at home by Jeopardy at 7. We were exhausted, and okay with that. The days were only about to get busier.

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  1. oh dear... i wouldn't park on that street either! how do those cars stay stable?