14 August 2009

One for The Books (v)

Saturday (finally) ended as a success. I did my pool thing and Coach Becca, Jesse and I went to Skipolini's for pizza, garlic bread, and Pepsi. I don't know the last time I had pizza & Pepsi at the same time. And after having rekindled my taste buds, I don't know why I would ever again have one without the other. It takes me back to the days of my childhood (obesity). Delicious.

Jesse and I spent Saturday night at home, avoiding calamities. He watched the 1980 classic Altered States and I remembered how much I love a good story. Those two statements are not related. I by no means want you to think I enjoyed Jesse's movie. I absolutely do not recommend it. I was reading while he watched, ensconced in "Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West." I had had the book for three weeks and hadn't touched it. It was due Sunday, and like for book reports due in high school, I started reading the day before.

It's a great story, full of religious and political lessons. Naturally I found myself comparing it to the musical. I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen and I found myself almost rushing to get there. The musical ties everything together nicely. The book paints a less rosy picture. Still, it's a good tale and I have the sequel (and a $.10) bill waiting for me at the library. I'm just not as "good" as I used to be.

I read all morning Sunday and we went to Mariana & Ajit's housewarming Sunday afternoon. I would like to note Mariana is the one who had the idea to run the half marathon. So all failures and successes are to be left at her doorstep. Thanks.

We had a fabulous time at their super-fabulous apartment. We ate empanadas, drank wine, had sausages from the Rosamunde Sausage Grill, and ate a cheesecake. Mariana also prepared a salad, and Jesse made the dressing. We also made a new lawyer friend named Noel. It was all quite lovely and domestic. And very grown up - before the wine kicked in and we got a little silly. It made me excited for Jesse and I to have our own dinner parties. Of course that won't be until after we start decorating. But we've only been here a year right? We have time.

Reminder: I'm running in the Nike Women's Marathon as a fundraiser to fight Leukemia & Lymphoma. Please support me by donating here. Thank you!

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