12 August 2009

One for The Books (iii)

By 10AM Saturday morning, I had not run the mileage I had hoped. I had not even easily completed the mileage I had run several times before. I had developed an issue with my car, and snapped at my boyfriend. I tried to start the day again. Jesse and I ran errands, buying a mug and a mop in Chinatown. We walked through some alleys, navigated around some tourists and saw some nice buildings I know I had never noticed. It was a nice day, I was happy again.

I decided to make a burger and fries for lunch - before my Saturday afternoon swim lesson. I took out a potato and a patty. While knives and cutting boards were at my disposal, I decided to use the mandolin. It's the same as the one pictured. Jesse bought it for me years ago for my birthday and I rarely use it. On Saturday I pulled it down off the shelf. I applied the safety grip to the potato. I started to slice, but I didn't have the leverage I wanted, so I held the potato.

I slid, the potato sliced. I slid again and again and then I cut off a little too much.

I lost a bit of finger, and a but of finger nail. I ran cold water on it. Jesse applied two band aids, and I bled through them both. He told me to keep the wound above my heart. I tried, but I did have to finish cooking. My finger was throbbing, but my food was delicious. I decided to redress the wound before my swim. Then Jesse suggested I might not be able to hang out in the pool, bleeding as I was. And I just looked at him. I couldn't take the idea of being denied another chance for a successful Saturday. He suggested I call Coach Becca. I refused. He kept pushing, and I did call, but she was busy and didn't answer. I redressed the wound, added a lot of medical tape, and we hit the road, via BART.

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