11 August 2009

One for The Books (ii)

There's probably very little like finishing a disappointing run and realizing you still have that problem that kept you from your goal in the first place. That's how I felt when Charlene and I got back to the car Saturday morning. I started Henry again. The "check engine" light was still blinking. He was still shuddering. I did what I am trained to do - what my father instructed me to do when he gave me the keys to my first Hyundai (Epe) back in 2002 - I called Roadside Assistance.

Roadside Assistance is worth whatever part of my car payment goes toward it. When I call, I get a person. That person makes sure I'm safe. Together we discuss what I need, and that person makes it happen. I called, a tow truck was arranged. I went home. I told Jesse what had happened.

That turned out to be the incorrect course of action.

Jesse insisted we go back and check fluids. I said I saw no point in doing that, when I was getting a tow to the dealership anyway. By then he had jumped out of bed, brushed his teeth, and gotten dressed. I told him I was going to make pancakes, but that I needed to shower and that I only had 30 minutes before the truck arrived. I told him Roadside Assistance was already on the case. He grabbed his keys and his phone and back to the car we went.

He checked the fluids. He had me start the car. He had me rev the engine. He did not let me take pictures of him for Twitter. He then came to the conclusion that something was not right.

I told him his powers of deduction had done nothing more than cost him some pancakes.

He said he just didn't want me paying for a tow if it wasn't really necessary.

I told him a tow arranged by roadside assistance is free. And that my car is still under warranty, so the repairs should also be free. I explained I had no intention of paying for anything to be fixed and that we were running out of time before the tow truck arrived and that I still needed to shower.

I was annoyed and I should not have been. I should be pleased Jesse took the time to see what was wrong. He jumped out of bed with an "S" on his chest to see if he could fix the problem before it escalated. I'm sure that's the premise under which he was acting. At the time though, I saw it as an insult. As if he didn't think I could determine there was a problem and decide the simplest way to fix it. I saw it as "let me go see what you've done, and if I need to undo it." So I was defensive, while Jesse was trying to be my hero. And there you have the nature of our relationship.

I showered. The tow truck driver called. I called the dealership. I was told the service department would be closed until Monday. Jesse and I greeted the tow man. He hoisted Henry and took him to Burlingame. I went back home to salvage the rest of the day. That turned out to be painfully difficult.

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