06 August 2009

Just Doesn't Seem Right

I gave blood today. A bloodmobile was set up outside my job, and all I had to do was show up with my ID. The actual process was a lot more intensive - my blood pressure was high (annoying) and my blood required extra coaxing to leave my body (painful) - but I did it. When it was done, I ate my cookies, waited my state-required 15 minutes, and got my reward: a coupon for a pint of ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Naturally I skimmed to the bottom to find the restrictions, and almost missed that second line. Apparently I only get 12 ounces. That to me seems to contradict the whole "pint for a pint" thing. I mean I did my part; I gave a pint of blood. Then (once my services were rendered) Baskin Robbins reneged on its part of the deal. I couldn't very well take four ounces of my blood back. And who would that punish? Certainly not the person who made the decision to give me 12 ounces of ice cream for my 16 ounces of blood. My only recourse is this: telling the world.


Dear Baskin Robbins:

I donated blood today, for several altruistic reasons. I was pleased to see you were offering the "Pint for a Pint" incentive. You've been on my mind lately, because I really enjoy your "Ice Cream & Cake" commercial. It reminds me of my youth, which was filled with lots of ice cream cakes. But Baskin Robbins, you didn't quite deliver. I understand a pint to be 16 ounces. And a pint of blood can save three lives. I know four ounces per Californian will cost you a lot of money, but you've already committed to 12 per, so I don't think that should be part of your reasoning. Personally, I'm trying to lose weight. So I do not NEED another four ounces of ice cream. Still, it was promised. And I would share it. Please explain why Californians have to do without our entire treat.

Please support me as I raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (and train for a half marathon) by donating here: http://tr.im/n6F7

~ Danie D.

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  1. I completely agree with you--you probably don't need another four ounces, but it was promised, so that's a choice YOU should make. People shouldn't lie just because it's catchy!
    I hope they write back.