17 August 2009

Boys Ruin Football

I could have titled this "The 49ers Game That Never Was," but I firmly believe men are responsible for my extreme disappointment Friday night.

Someone handed me these two tickets to the preseason game between the 49ers and the Broncos. She had won them in a drawing at work, only to find her husband didn't want to go. That woman then gave the tickets to another woman, who did not win the drawing. Woman #2 returned the tickets to woman #1, because her husband didn't want to go to the game. Woman #1 then brought them to me, and I gleefully accepted - but called Jesse just to be sure.

I called him at least five times between 4 & 5PM Friday and he didn't answer. I saw 5PM as a point of committal. I mean there were few people around after that to take the tickets in the (what I thought to be highly) unlikely event Jesse didn't want to go.

He didn't want to go.

He had valid reasons - I was scheduled to get out work minutes before kickoff. Candlestick Park isn't close to where we live and we'd have to work out a way to get there. And by all calculations, the trip would take an hour. I knew all of that, but I was still excited. I was still about to see the 49ers play at home - which I've never done. To me, it seemed fated. Two silly husbands had brought these tickets to me. I told Jesse to grab the car (to cut our travel time in half) and meet me right after work.

He was there and away we went. We were at the stadium by 7:26. We pulled into a parking lot, and were about to be directed to the last available spot when everything fell apart.

It costs $30 to park at Candlestick, and they only take cash. Neither of us has stopped at an ATM. Our mission had been to just get to the game. We left our cozy lot in search of a main parking area that might have had an ATM. I was even willing to suck up $6 fees. Jsse suggested we just go home and my little heart was broken.

Again he had valid reasons. It's preseason football. Jesse says the players don't put forth a lot of effort because they don't want to get hurt. We didn't need to spend $30 to park, plus whatever we were going to eat once we were inside. The only "good" part of a preseason game is the start, which we had already missed. We would have to stay to the end, to get our money's worth and then we'd have to leave with the thousands of other people who were bound to do the same. Also, he doesn't care about football, or the 49ers, or the Broncos, and that he was just going with me.

I told him I had never been to a preseason game and that I had been excited to go and that I wanted to try harder to go since we were already there. But I agreed to go home. Even if we had gone inside and even if everything that followed was perfect, I'd still feel like he didn't want to be there. And if we had gone inside and anything had gone wrong, it would have been the end of any truce.

So we went home and I was bummed. I thought we were in for an awesome impromptu night. Instead, we had lost a great parking spot and started the weekend arguing. But - similar to last weekend - my frown was quickly turned upside down. We found an even better parking spot without even looking. It just appeared we got close to our place. And when I got home, I found a lovely flower waiting for me. After that it was all smiles.

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Thank you!

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