10 July 2009

We've Moved. For Real.

This is the last of our stuff from Las Vegas. It had been in storage since September. Yesterday, we rented a cargo van and headed to Vegas to get it. We're now about two hours from San Francisco and it feels great to finally cross this off the list.

One of the most awesome things about Jesse and I is that we're good travelers. I plan and he executes. We left San Francisco with the essentials - iPod, iTrip radio adapter, phone, car charger, water, blanket, neck pillow, popcorn, and an empty laundry basket for incidentals. We tried to plan a day in Vegas where (once we got our stuff) we spent time with friends. We wanted to lounge for the day, maybe redeem some player's card points for a dinner at the Venetian, and play Monopoly with Kate & Ross. It was a grand plan with a lot of holes and in the end we decided to grab our stuff and just turn around.

We left San Francisco during evening rush hour. We knew it wasn't a great idea, but I don't think we realized how bad of an idea it was until we saw far we had not gone in an hour. An hour after that, we realized we were heading north instead of south. So. Three hours after leaving San Francisco, we were an hour and a half from home. Also, traffic on our three lane highway was being merged into just one. Our scheduled eight hour drive took twelve. Still, we loaded the truck before 8 this morning, and (after two quick stops) were heading back to San Francisco by 9:30.

I have two regrets. One is having to use a credit card. Part of the reason for waiting this long to get our stuff was so I could have both a CA license, and enough money for a large hold on my debit card. I double checked that last part when I made my reservation. And it turns out the information I got a few months ago was incorrect - a credit card is indeed necessary. I've used it for the majority of our gas and some food. I'm pleased to report Bank of America noticed. I got a call in Vegas asking me to verify my identity, places the card was used, and amounts. It was comforting. Still, I'll freeze the card again when we get home. I must admit though, it felt good to charge.
My other regret is that we don't have a sleep mask for Jesse. He's really sensitive to light. He had problems last week with the full moon and even though I started driving in the middle of the night, he woke up almost as soon as the sun rose this morning. It was worse for him on the way back - because he wanted to sleep, and knew he had to sleep to be ready to drive. But it was bright and it was hot. And there are parts of that drive from Vegas when you can't use air conditioning. He tried sunglasses and I think was able to block the sunlight, but by then there were other distractions. Something in the back of the van was rattling. There were lane shifts and I kept driving over loud bumps. And since he was so tired, everything was three times as annoying. I slowed down, used the AC, and stayed in one lane. I wanted him to be unconscious.

Now I'm excited to get this stuff home, even though I have no idea where most of it will go. Even better, we'll still have the full weekend. I'm not going to miss my run tomorrow and I'm still going to get a lot accomplished. I only used the van for one day, so I'll save some money. We're now excited for other road trips, that don't involve errands. It's going to be a great summer.
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~ Danie D.
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