08 July 2009


There are few things that excite me as much as Transformers. X-Men and Harry Potter are probably it. This time around, I couldn't go see Transformers opening weekend. Eventually I got there. And I enjoyed it as much as I expected. Even though there was a lot to not like.
There was more romance than I care to have.There were new, illiterate, ebonics speaking autobots. Even worse, they were voiced by Spongebob, which is a severe betrayal. And the movie was long. Still, I liked it because I'm a lifelong fan.
I would like to ask the critics who didn't understand the plot if they watched the cartoons. I mean really watched them, like my brother and I did every morning before school. The whole series was about saving humans and looking for Energon.
I'd like to ask those who thought the plot was lame what they would expect alien robots to do. Give me another plausible plot in which giant talking alien cars are heroes. I dare you.
I watch more cartoons now, than I did when I was a kid. The coolest thing to me, is seeing an animated hero in live action. Typically, those heroes are people and can have people-like problems that lend themselves to complex plots. This is not that. There's no telling what I would do if I walked outside and Optimus Prime was just there, fighting a decepticon. I'd probably call my mom, and let her listen. She and I have active imaginations. We went to the movie and saw a "day in the life" of the Transformers. People with lame imaginations, who watched a movie about CGI robots likely hated it.
It's not a "thinking" movie. It's not out to win academy accolades. It's a "cartoons come to life and maybe there really are living cars among us" movie. Jesse suffered through it. I rolled my eyes at the love, and weak dialogue, but I was on the edge of my seat for the fights. It's just cool. I'll be at the third one. And so will you.     
Michael Jackson: 
I am a fan. My parents are fans. I've watched "The Making of Thriller" on a beta max tape several times. Until this week, I never thought of Michael Jackson as a barrier breaker, but I suppose he was. I believe he made a lot of poor decisions, but I don't think he ever assaulted children. I was stunned when I heard he died - not because I thought he was the modicum of perfect health - but because Michael Jackson was the most significant musician to die in my memory.  It's difficult to think he's not around, just being his weird self.
I think he had a tough childhood. I think Joe Jackson ruined him for any kind of regular celebrity life and I think Joe is still out to capitalize on his memory. I admit I do not wish any success for Joe, and I worry about Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Especially blanket.
Still, the media attention was too much. And even I as a fan am over it. He's dead, another celebrity victim of improper medical care. Maybe there should be more attention on keeping entertainers alive - you know - so they can entertain.
Sarah Palin:
She's either a quitter or a sore loser. She billed herself as pit-bull-tough during the campaign. She touted her ability to run a state, run a household, and run marathons. After not winning, (and getting more free time) she suddenly has to leave with 18 months left in her first term.
Alaska's economy is suffering just like the economies in other states whose governors are choosing to stay, fight, and serve another day. Clearly it's easier to *not be in office. But I think politicians know times like these are possible par for the course. Apparently when the going gets tough, Sarah Palin goes fishing.
I can only imagine if she were Vice President and responsible for more than one state. She might not even have lasted this long. To be clear, my critique does not come from my stance against her stances. She committed to serve her state. Admittedly things are tough right now, and she's just walking away. At best that's cowardly.
In my humble opinion...


  1. I also did not dislike Transformers as much as critics wanted me to.. you're right, it is pretty much exactly what it was meant to be. There was a little too much of it, but it was good. HOWEVER.. did you notice that the actual transforming of the Transformers happened so quickly that you hardly get the sense that they are made of car parts anymore? This I missed.

    I did not watch the cartoon, I played with the toys. I used to make robots from cars! It was so cool. I would play with one even now with a huge smile on my face. In short, I don't care about robots.. lots of movies have robots. I care about cars turning into robots. I want a whole movie of just transformations.

  2. I am a big fan of the transformers. While it may have been long, and the love seen could have been ommitted, the movie really is about the autobots saving human lives.

    As for the critics, they tend to have much to say about anything.

    There is no super hero like OPTIMUS PRIME.!!!!!!

    Middle River MD