24 July 2009

Coffee? Free Coffee? Free Coffee AND Fighting Leukemia?!

I love coffee, and I'm sure my career is to blame. When I started in news, I couldn't stand it. Fast forward a few election nights and I'm a flavor connoisseur. I admit I can't discern a region by taste, but I know what I like, and that's what matters.

I started coffee drinking in Fargo, with whatever was brewed. I was against Starbucks because of my liberal education and dedication to social responsibility. Then I moved to Vegas, where the actual "community" and its coffeehouses proved too elusive. Vegas, I've read, has the most Starbucks per capita. And in my three years there, I found a lot to like. But California has a way of changing people.

My Starbucks consumption dropped considerably after we moved to San Francisco for several reasons.

- There are 4 near my job and none are open when I wanted them to be.
- Prices went up.
- There are none in my neighborhood.
- There *is, however, a quaint coffee shop we do like.
- We realized we could save a lot of money brewing our own coffee.

Enter Newhall Coffee. The company and its co founder Mitch found me on Twitter - probably because I spend a lot of time talking about coffee. I enjoy Mitch's tweets, largely because of the smack he sends to Starbucks. Also, he documents what it's like for a business to get its product into stores. It's interesting. And the company itself is solid. Newhall Coffee sends a bag of coffee to active military service members for every bag of its Patriot Blend sold. It's a California company, with organic coffee, that supports the people for whom a good cup of joe is a rarity. Newhall Coffee deserves my dollars, and while the company hasn't gotten them yet, I promise it will.

So I did not steal that bag I'm holding above. Newhall Coffee sent it to me, for free. Seriously. The company had a one hour twitter promotion in response to Starbucks' Free Pastry Day. I admit I got a free blueberry muffin - I do want to support natural ingredients. But I think we can all see which is better. That's a two pound bag of coffee - delivered - for free. Thank you Newhall Coffee. I promise to support your product, and to get others to do the same. I'm a ridiculously loyal person, so you can believe me.

Also, Newhall Coffee is raising money for Leukemia. What are the odds? I don't know, I don't do math. I'm a journalist. I do know things happen for a reason. Had I not ever become enamored with Starbucks, I probably wouldn't have the coffee addiction that led Mitch & Newhall to me. I don't dislike Starbucks. I've always had positive experiences and great customer service. But living in California has made it too easy for us to vote with our dollars. We now have ample opportunity to decide what deserves our support. Newhall Coffee qualifies.

Please support me as I raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (and train for a half marathon) by donating here: http://tr.im/n6F7

~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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