09 June 2009

Ready? Set. Sit.

I'm supposed to be out training with my coaches. I'm supposed to be learning about running shoes. I'm supposed to be running either a certain distance, or a certain time. I'm not. I'm outside the San Francisco Food Bank waiting for Jesse. He's volunteering. I'm just stewing.

Our plan was for me to drop him off at the food bank, and head across town for my training. Yes, we took out the car for this. He had to be there at 6, and I had to be elsewhere at 6:15. I dropped him off at 5:45. I was back out front an hour later.

My directions landed me in heavy traffic. As I stopped and rolled, I realized I wouldn't make it on time and I weighed my options. I had no idea which surface streets to use, but I knew they had to at least be moving. I took the next exit and reset my course with 20 minutes until class. I figured if I could get halfway there in that time, I wouldn't be *so late. But one wrong turn led to another. One missed street sign diverted me even further away from where I wanted to be. My Bluetooth was dead. And even if it had juice, I had no one to call. I don't have numbers for my mentor or any of my coaches. One running buddy (Mariana) was at volleyball practice. The other (Trisha) was home sleeping for her overnight shift. Once I realized I was closer to Jesse than I was to practice (and saw that it was 6:30), I gave up. It's quite disappointing.

I was really looking forward to this run. It was to be my first with the team. I also stressed myself today as I took myself out of vacation mode and could have used the exercise. I had a weekend to remember how we used to live. How comfortable we were, and how it was before every penny mattered. It was nice. We want it back. Our goal seemed tangible over (my) weekend and (by comparison) even further away when I got home. I needed to shake it off and running was my answer. But like I said. I'm just sitting. Harrumph.

I'm sure I'll be back on track tomorrow. I mean it's a whole new day and all. I'd love to wake up to some good news though, a donation perhaps, from you. http://tr.im/n6F7

~ Danie D.
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  1. That sucks missing your run! I always get frustrated when I plan to ride or workout and something gets in the way--messes up the whole schedule. Anyway, once you find the kind of shoes best for your feet, www.roadrunnersports.com usually has pretty good prices on shoes. Sometimes local stores give good discounts too though!