21 June 2009

Kateapalooza (v) | Responsibility

As much as we tried to avoid it, responsibility crept into our weekend.

We were lazy again, although I did exercise. Kate & I went to the grocery store for dinner and a movie - then waited for golf to be over to watch the movie (Madagascar 2) with Ross. We had grilled fish (steak for Kate) for dinner. Boring? Yes! We went all day without anything noteworthy. And and then we went to get another movie.

Kate had been hearing a noise outside her window. We suspected she had something caught in her tire. We did not expect gashes.

The first picture from the tire discovery.

We were already out when we found it. So we crawled (figuratively) back to the house and showed Ross. He (in his calm Ross way) said "well that's certainly something that needs to be addressed immediately." Of course he was right, but there was nothing to be done at that moment. We watched Defiance with Daniel Craig. It was good, but long and violent.

It was mostly business Monday. Kate and Ross had errands to run. I had to exercise and pack. And that tire wasn't going to fix itself.

It looked worse in the daylight.

-Discount Tire man.

The explanation for the tire was heat. The Vegas heat does ruin windshield wipers, car batteries, and vinyl finishing. So I guess tires should not come as a surprise. Kate had to replace 3 of them. We talked about it. The Discount Tire man showed us the damage and the warning signs on the other tires. The three damaged tires (one was replaced recently) are 4 years old. We thought the replacement recommendation was plausible, and not in reaction to two women wearing skirts driving in a car with two gashes in one tire. Kate & I walked to Starbucks to wait.

And then I had an errand to run. I visited my old job to see the familiar faces. I didn't get to spend any real time with anyone, but it was good just to be there again. Even though I do the same job, I'm in a different position. I'm still the new kid, where I had been a leader. I'm still learning the Bay Area, where I had known the Las Vegas Valley. I guess I felt more empowered in Vegas. It was good for me to be reminded of that. And in honor of the old days, Kate and I went to happy hour, where things were just not right.

First of all, my favorite waitress was not there. When I lived there, she knew me. She remembered what I ordered and she was always able to handle my friends and I, no matter how many of us there were. I don't know if she was off, or if she's gone altogether. I mean she was from Kentucky, and she didn't move to Vegas to be a waitress. So there really may have come a point when she decided to make a change. I'm sure if Stacy had been there, she would have warned us of the changes to the Maggiano's menu.

The prices were higher, but there were also more options. Kate & I ordered two pieces of fried cheese and one order of garlic bread. It's probably the exact same thing we ordered at our last happy hour but everything (including the forks) have been super-sized in the last few months. What used to be one triangle of fried cheese (topped with cheese) is now a thicker, longer, rectangle - full of more cheese than any person should consume at once. There were also more slices of garlic bread. It wasn't pleasant. We both felt disgusting. Also, my lemon drop martini had lower grade lemon juice and the pomegranate martini was simple "eh." It seems my favorite happy hour is gone.

We were too stuffed to eat dinner, even though I had been looking forward to more burgers. We were incapacitated by cheese. We watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop and called it a night. And on Tuesday it was back to reality.

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