11 June 2009

Kateapalooza (ii) | Shopping

I was full of ambition Friday. I woke up just after 6AM, which has sadly become "sleeping in" for me. I took Jewel (Kate's dog) for a walk and did some stretching. Once Jewel's run slowed to a gait, I brought her back and went running on my own. I tried to be health conscious while I was vacationing. I've learned a lot about how my body in the last year (specifically how it reacts to salt) and I wanted to avoid as many adverse affects as possible. When I (as a recovery hypertensive) eat salt, I get lethargic. The higher my blood pressure, the more I sleep. Water and exercise (sweat) are my best combatants, and I was determined to have both while I was in Vegas. I won't say I failed, but I didn't accomplish all that I wanted either.

I'm used to running on a treadmill, which means I'm used to sweating profusely. I taste a sweat sample as I go, just to gauge what I've been eating. There was no sweat Friday morning. It was windy, and I was in a steady breeze. I got a good cardio workout, followed by a good leg & ab workout back at the house. But very little sweat. I gave myself an "A" for effort.

Our agenda for the day was to spend time poolside. We had pools at the ready, and I just needed a bathing suit. I haven't bought one since before the cruise, nearly 2 years and 30 pounds ago. Kate and I were going buying, which is not the same as shopping. I'm not a shopper. I don't like it. The parking, the crowds, the size picking, the reevaluating -- it all makes me crazy. I'm not one of those people who walk into stores to "browse." I'm there to buy something. If I see it, I buy it and I leave. I don't check other stores or look for other deals. This is one of the largest differences between Kate (the brainmate) and I. She loves that craziness. We were the perfect buying pair.

Sometime during the day, Jesse sent me a picture of myself from September 2006. He wrote "sorry, but this is a perfect before picture." And he was right. It was from Gordon Biersch and featured me, and entire pizza, a sugar-laden coffee, and my phone. Kate said "see? you should feel good going to buy a bathing suit.

We stopped at Old Navy, where I admit I had high hopes. We perused the selection, and found the 80's are making a comeback. Also we learned we do not like the 80's. We then journeyed to the Meadows Mall. And that's when Kate hit her stride. She picked a bunch of swimsuit possibilities for me, and sent me into a dressing room, where I hit the proverbial swimsuit wall. I'm smaller, but still apparently larger than average up top. Typical swimsuits with the separate covers for each boob are a joke. Trust me. I showed Kate and we had a laugh. I was spilling everywhere. There was no support, and there was no sale.

Next stop was Torrid. It's a plus sized store, where I've gotten bathing suits for years. Torrid understands support. Unfortunately, it's also very fashion forward, meaning the 80's had come back there too. I made it very clear to Kate I would not wear a brown / pink / blue / green suit - especially not one in cheetah print. Really? No. We stopped in Lane Bryant, another plus-sized understander of support. There are 0 swimsuits there, just catalogs for shoppers to order online. If I wanted to order a bathing suit online, I would have done that at home. I don't need a store for that. Thanks.

Final stop, Dillards. It had a large selection there and once again Kate filled my arms with suits and sent me into the dressing room. I tried on at least 10. By then, we had changed our strategy. We knew I needed tube-style suits, preferably with straps. Still, it did not go well. We agreed on two suits, and were both leaning toward the same one. Then I saw it was $98. The swimsuits we first saw were closer to $35. It was all over. I couldn't bring myself to spend $98 on two pieces I'll rarely wear. It was a solid waste of a morning. I was annoyed, and felt fully justified in my disdain of shopping. Why would anyone choose to do that to themselves? It's beyond me.

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