10 June 2009

Kateapalooza (i) | Arrival

I went to Vegas last week to celebrate Kate, in an event dubbed "Kateapalooza." If Kate were my Siamese twin, we'd be joined at the brain. We think the same way about most things. We're also strongly opinionated, passionate, and honestly less than pleasant people. Kate & I have also led similar lives over the years and even while we're in different cities, the similarities keep coming.

We both worked Thursday. Then I got to the airport, and flew to Vegas for an arrival just as Kate got out of work. The timing was perfect. Syncing lives is awesome. Kate & I got burgers for grilling, a Melissa for smiling, and mixtures for drinking. The party had started.

We didn't do much that first night. The burgers were delicious, the corn was perfectly grilled, and (for whatever reason) the generic tater tots were the best any of us had tasted in a long time. Ross (Kate's husband) told me my neck appeared long and slender - by calling me a "blaraffe." Get it? A black giraffe. Yeah. Ross.

We planned an active Friday, with poolside drinking, buying (not shopping), and a rendezvous with some friends. We had hoped to be poolside Thursday night as well, but Melissa makes a strong martini. It was an early night.

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  1. wait - no disclaimer that ross was extremely intoxicated when he invented the word blaraffe? at least give him that!!