02 June 2009

Commitment Complete

I've paid my marathon registration. As far as I'm concerned, that $100 obligates me to run 13.1 miles. I've met with my team, and with a smaller group of runners in my neighborhood. I've met my mentor, my coaching team, and my team manager. I've signed in to the team web page, and personalized my own. I'm doing this. I'm really ready (mentally) for the running. But there is the other part.

My team, mentors, coaches, and support group is being provided by Team in Training. The organization is investing in me and in return I have agreed to ask you to invest in cancer research. I need your help, in the form of encouraging words and donations. I believe in the cause. Seventy-five percent of everything you donate will go toward fighting blood diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. The other 25% funds my training, pre-race, and race day activities. It's a thorough program and I'd like to think I'd pay for it even I wanted to run a half-marathon without a cause. But there's no way to be sure at this point. As I said, I'm obligated.

I need your donations. I don't think I have to convince you that cancer is terrible, or that every little bit helps. I've done (some) math, and if I get $7 from everyone I know*, I'll meet my goal. You can donate via my personal page. It's simple. The page doesn't make you create a username / password, and gives you an upfront way to avoid spam.

*If you read this blog, consider yourself "known."

I also think Jesse is changing his tune. He hasn't retracted his earlier statements, but he did send me an article about walking while I'm running. I guess that's what one would call a start.

So for the next five months, you'll see this:

Reminder: I'm running in the Nike Women's Marathon as a fundraiser to fight Leukemia & Lymphoma. Please support me by donating here.

I figure it allows you to donate at your earliest convenience. I thank you. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thanks you. People living with blood diseases thank you. Even Jesse will thank you - once he gets over being wrong about this entire venture.

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  1. HA! Walk/Run training is what I've already been doing, I just didn't know it had a name. I'm so ahead of the curve...