17 May 2009

There's Always A Story

We're leaving New Orleans today, and while we're at the gate with plenty of time before boarding, it hasn't been entirely awesome. We were the last to leave our room at the W French Quarter and that was fine. We ate at Cafe Fleur de Lis across the street and that was fine, although my cheddar hash browns had too much pepper. We got a taxi right away and had a smooth ride to the airport. Jesse printed his boarding pass, I opened my mobile pass, and only one of us got through security.

The woman recognized my mobile boarding pass and told me she did not have the capability to accept it. I was disappointed, but maybe I should have been angry. Delta (with full knowledge of my travel plans) allowed me to check in and display my boarding pass via my phone. I saw nothing either on their site, in my email, or at the airport telling me mobile boarding passes are not accepted. I think someone really should mention that to a tech-savvy, environmentally friendly passenger such as myself. It's an oversight. But I was able to print my boarding pass quickly and skip the line for my second trip. I could see my gate and wasn't worried. And then I got stopped for a bag check.

I had a full sized container of baby powder in my bag. It's muggy in New Orleans and I brought it to keep us fresh. Yes, I own a travel sized bottle, but it's in a box within a box in a storage unit in Vegas. And I've seen no point in replacing it. So, while powders are not *not allowed, they can prompt extra attention. That's my lesson to you.

My bag was swabbed. The swab was tested. I was deemed a non-threat, and sent onto my oversold flight. If I didn't have a connection, I would have taken those 400 Delta Dollars. No matter what happens, I'll still always want to travel.
~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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