08 May 2009


I've done really well with not using my credit cards this year. A large part of my success comes from my credit cards being in a bag of ice. But a hiccup has appeared in my perfect plan. One of the companies behind one of my frozen cards sent me another card. This one is supposed to have some sort of deeper security measures. I didn't think about the implications when I first learned the new card was coming. But once it came, and those activation instructions were staring me in the face, I didn't know what to do. I thought of just shredding it and putting the entire unpleasantness behind me. But what if they send me another card? What if they call, I tell them I'm not using cards this year, and they cancel my account. I'd lose that available credit and my credit score would take a hit because of my debt to income ratio.

It should be noted, I dislike knowing that at 27 years old, but I watch a lot of CNN.

Logic tells me to activate the card and freeze it right away. But logic does not have to buy a dress for a wedding. Logic does not need a summer wardrobe and logic is not tired of being responsible and going without. Logic should mind its business.

I know I could allow myself credit with the intention of using it responsibly, but I can't say I haven't tried that before. I'm not going to use the card. I'm too committed to following the rules. And the credit card rules are clear. Still, it was nice to dream for a few minutes.

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