19 May 2009


I told my parents about the Marathon, and decided to share the response, since I was still smiling hours later.


My mom was impressed and asked me when she had to have her donation to me. She's going to tell all of her friends and have them support me as well. She's excited, which is exciting.



"A half? Why aren't you running the whole thing?"  - My dad.



I used to think my dad was never satisfied. I used to think nothing I did was good enough, and that he would forever be comparing me to the imaginary, dress-wearing daughter in his head. But yesterday I saw it differently. My father believes me to be supremely capable. He sees no reason for me to not to be able to run 26.2 miles if I can run 13.1. He said he'd double his donation if I did the whole thing. I told him I'd send half back to him. If anybody else can do it, and if I want to do some of it, then my dad believes I should do all of it.


He also thinks structured training is silly, and that I should just get ready on my own. So his mental capacity is questionable.



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