04 May 2009

My 90 Days Are Up

Three months ago, I set out to make my life better. It was supposed to go along with the hype associated with President Obama's first 100 days. I started late, and finished the same way. So clearly I still left room for further improvement. I didn't have concrete goals. I just wanted to be better. I wanted better to be the reasoning behind my decisions and the deciding factor for any question. I'm better off than I was 90 (or so) days ago, but I think it has less to do with my challenge and more to do with my position.

The accomplishments are tangible. I'm down 11 pounds even though I've gained some muscle. My car (Henry) is parked safely, is properly certified, and has no outstanding tickets. I've found a lot of ways to save money, while still enjoying San Francisco. I've decided to go to grad school, and I'm excited despite the cost. We have some furniture - though through very little effort on my part. We're more settled even though Jesse is still looking for a job. Overall, things are much we're better off than we better. But there was no alternative.

I was significantly more stressed back then. I was overwhelmed by all I wanted to accomplish. Sometime after I challenged myself, I decided to set monthly goals. I work best under pressure, and I need deadlines - even if there are no consequences for not meeting them. The goals ranged from reading requirements to paying (some) parking tickets. They were things that could be on any "to do" list and that could have been accomplished at any time. Giving myself a deadline helped though, and I got a lot done in February, March, and April.

May is for the things that were not accomplished. There was a leftover or two every month and I'm going to take care of those now. I'm also going to run consistently. I'm considering a half marathon and I want to know if I really have the stamina, or at least the ability to get the stamina. I'm also going to think of more ways to save money without staying inside and being boring. It's possible to be so active, you don't realize you're not spending money. I think it'll be an easy month, producing more tangible results. I'm excited.

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