06 May 2009

A Day in The Life

We tend to have uneventful weekends here in San Francisco, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Typically, we exercise. We plan meals. I catch up on shameful reality TV. Jesse reads. It's almost as if we have reason to avoid all of the fun things that happen just down (or up) the hill. I set out to change that this past weekend. I wanted to have something to share, even if it meant bringing you a list of completed errands. Fortunately I have something much better: the story of an interesting Saturday.

Jesse and I were both awake at 5AM. There was no reason. I woke up first, and thought of going to the gym right away. I wake up at 3AM on weekdays, so it's not odd for me to feel awake at that time. But it was Saturday, and I wanted to stay up past dusk. As soon as I resigned myself to going back to sleep, Jesse got up and had cereal. We talked about getting up for the day (we're apparently really into seizing opportunity) and decided against it. There really was no need.

I was up for good at 7:30. We had coffee from a shop near our place and went to the gym. It was probably one of my best gym days ever. I ran 3 miles for the first time. I was a salty, sweaty mess by the time I finished, but I felt good doing it. I hope to keep it up for two weeks or so, and then for forever after that. I'm considering running a half marathon in October. Being able to consistently run three miles is (what I would consider) a good base.

We took our sweaty, stinky persons straight from the gym to a grocery store. We stopped at Safeway to continue a price comparison we started at Whole Foods. We're trying to eat well, but we do not want to spend obnoxious amounts of money doing it. We've identified the foods we want to incorporate into our diet and we're now finding the cheapest ways to find those foods. Jesse found goji berries in Chinatown that are significantly cheaper than at Whole Foods. Whole Foods, we learned, has cheaper oats and quinoa than Trader Joes. But Trader Joes wins for slivered almonds. We live a mile or less from all of those stores and if you really think about it, that's a 15 - 20 minute walk. Totally worth it for a healthy body.

We bought bananas at Safeway, slivered almonds at Trader Joes, and went home to (bathe) plan the afternoon. I got tickets to a baseball game through work, and because the tickets were still at work waiting for me, we decided to take the long way there. We walked along the Embarcadero, perusing the farmers' market. Slivered almonds there were comparable to those at Trader Joes. But I had already committed. We also stopped at the YMCA, where I will be taking adult swim classes. My little brother demands I know how to swim - he was very disappointed that I can't. My other brother is a certified lifeguard. I am on a mission of redemption.

It's a mile and a half from the YMCA to AT&T Ballpark. As we were going in, an eight year old girl tried to hustle me.

She was selling $2 candy bars. I told her I'd take one, and I handed her a $5 bill.

"Oh. I don't think I have change for that. I only have a dollar."
"Well I only need one candy bar."
"You could give the other one to someone else."
"I don't know anyone else who wants a candy bar."
"You could give it to him." (Pointing to guy who I thought was her guardian but who was just reselling tickets.)
"Well I only need one candy bar, so maybe next time."

Her game is good. But I spotted the wad of cash in her pocket. It's an advantage of being taller than a child. Take that Hannah The Hustler.

I'm not a baseball fan. But I really enjoy stadium food. I never miss an opportunity to eat hot pretzels. They're salty. I'm not supposed to have them, and I know that. It doesn't matter though. I used to have them in the morning before class back at Our Lady of Lourdes in Brooklyn. They've been a part of my soul ever since. I bought a salted pretzel and added extra salt via mustard. Know what? I couldn't eat it. It was too salty. I scraped off those chunks of white and still enjoyed my treat, but I fear I've reached a turning point. I don't think I'll ever order a salted pretzel again.

Jesse had a Sheboygan Brat against his better judgment. He was still undecided after he bought it. He ateit quickly though, saying "it had to be handled." We also split garlic fries from Gordon Biersch. So you see, it's less about the baseball game and more about the food. We went to our seats and by the time I updated my Facebook & Twitter pages, we were doing the 7th Inning Stretch. Oops. Shortly after that, we left.

We returned to Whole Foods to purchase oats & quinoa, and walked home. My legs were begging for a break. But my mind was pleased with the events.

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