01 April 2009

A Va... A Vaca... Going On A Trip

It occurs to me I don't know how to take a vacation. I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight (so I can sleep) and all I can think about is my "to do" list. I should be thinking about how excited I am to see my whole immediate family in the same week. I could be wondering if they're going to show a movies during an overnight flight. I'm would even allow myself to think about everything I packed and wonder what I forgot (aside from slipper socks). Instead, the last thing I did before typing away on the Pinkberry was look at the traffic ticket I corrected today and make a note to mail it from North Carolina. Yes. I brought it with me.

Despite booking this trip months ago, I raced through my checklist until it was just after time to go. I apparently don't know how to take advantage of free time - even when I planned to have it.

My last real (as in all about me and not visiting family) vacation was the cruise in July 2007. It was fabulous and I promise to cruise again just as soon as this recession is over. Since then, I've seen my mother once, when she and Jesse surprised me in LA. I've also seen my dad and youngest brother once - last April for Ty's birthday. I haven't seen my oldest younger brother in at least two years and it's been about that long since we were all together. Usually my visits are over a long weekend and don't have a "vacation" feel. There are usually a lot of dates to remember and plans to make. That isn't the case this time though. And I don't know what to do with myself. There's nothing for me to consider. I have my first real family vacation waiting on the other side of a long nap. And I guess I'm ready.

I'm worried about Jesse being lonely and that means I'm responding to every email and text he's sent so far. I'm in an airport and that means I'm cold. It's past my bedtime and that means I'm irritable.
~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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