27 April 2009

My Inspiration

I don't want to you to think my nephew lives alone. He and his parents are at home with my mom, pictured with me above. I get my logic and reasoning tactics from her. She's taught me a lot about how to deal with people and probably fostered what some may call my "blunt" characteristics. Experiences with my mom are why I think before I speak, and why I choose the words I do. I think my mother was the first to show me the impact of words - how they can hurt a person or help a situation. Understanding the power of words is what inspired me to write. So the path I've decided to take - the one that's leading me to write - is the result of a mother's inspiration.

My mom has MS, so she's retired even though she's far from retirement age. She's busied herself with projects ever since. She bought a house, painted & decorated it room by room, adopted a baby girl, got active in a church, and is now watching over my Derek & Sianneh as they figure out how to parent. I'd prefer my mom do a little less - maybe ease up on the arranging and rearranging and take yoga to help her muscles. I'd even be okay with her playing video games to help her coordination and maintain cognition. But between teaching Dayana (she knows a few SAT words already) and traveling and decorating, I don't see "less" in her future.

While I was visiting with my mom, we mostly chatted. Neither of us are big on having a lot activities when it's a designated relax time. I think we only went to Dunkin Donuts for bagels and to the grocery store for dinner ingredients. We watched Clue and talked about plans for the future. She agreed I'm not ready to have children, and I hope she remembers that the next time she calls me feeling "grandparental." My mom and I spent time together, and that's all either of us wanted to do. You could say she's my muse. Now I'm refreshed and ready to write anew.
~ Danie D.
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