07 April 2009

In Flight Frustrations

Dear Traveler:

The reason you think it only takes three hours to get from Charlotte to San Francisco is because you ignore time zones. Please do not openly contradict the pilot when he says it's going to take five hours. I doubt this is his first rodeo.

- The woman glaring at your silly face

The more I travel, the more frustrated I become with other travelers. I'm not holding anything against anyone who has not been given the opportunity to fly. Sometimes that's just the lot we're given. Still, there is a reason people are advised to check with airlines before arriving at the airport. Things change. And it's best to get the information from the airline, rather than a friend, or friend of a friend who flew when s|he was a kid. If you haven't flown since early September 2001, be prepared for s little more scrutiny. There were more changes in August 2006 and don't get me started on the summer of 2008. Airline passengers are now paying for options that used to be free, being screened for threats that haven't always been there, and being forced to get creative. The last thing needed in the midst of all that is a reminder to Passenger A that there is a difference between two carry on items and *three carry on items.

I'm sure flight attendants are clenching their jaws between repetitions of "the overhead bins are closed when they're full. Please don't open them looking for more space." If it were me - well, I'd have a very short career as a flight attendant.

I could go on. There are a lot of examples from this flight alone. There are people putting coats & small bags overhead, despite being told the flight is full and the space is needed. There are people putting their seats back before take off. There was also the guy hovering between my seat and his, as if I weren't going to show and as if the flight weren't oversold anyway. But after 20 minutes on the tarmac, they say we're ten minutes from taking off. And I have to turn off my phone.
~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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