20 April 2009

A Dad & His Daughter | Charlotte ii

I'm a lot like my father in a lot of ways. We're both controlling, loud, and (some may say) intimidating people. We're also both loyal and reliable - so I think it's a fair trade. My dad and I are both Capricorns. We both love all the wrong foods and we both hate admitting we're wrong. I'm very much like my dad in various obvious and subtle ways. But there is one area where we are as different as night and dad, a topic about which we can not communicate: cars.

My dad loves cars. He loves muscle cars, old cars, and classic cars. He prefers big cars, used to only drive American cars, and is taking a second look at foreign cars. My dad is a car guy. He can name the model and year just by looking at the body. He's so good at it, I used to think the car's year was written somewhere on the body. I wondered about cars as I got older, mostly how much money I'd save by changing my own oil, but never enough to actually get under the hood and get dirty. Honestly, my first instinct when looking under a hood is to hose it down. It's always dusty under there and it only seems logical for things to work better when they're dust free. I am the anti-dad. On the second day of my family visit, we went to a car show at the Lowe's Motor Speedway.

We parked under a pecan tree, where my dad found a pecan. It's been years since I've had a pecan from right under the tree. I was excited when my dad started opening it. Too bad it was stale and soggy. Serves us right for picking up pecans from the side of a racetrack parking lot.

"Danie we're in the pit lane! We're on the tar. Do you know where you are?"
"I know daddy. I just don't care."

My dad and brother were really excited. My brother is too young to know any better I guess. The cars were lined up on the actual racetrack, and we got to walk on the tar. My dad took a lot of pictures and looked like an hones to goodness kid in a candy store. I spent my time watching the people. There was more than one kid being pulled in a red wagon and I realized why about halfway around the track. Ty was tired and wanted to be carried around the track. That may have been a point when the implications of his ninth birthday hit. Maybe not.

Eventually we walked all the way around the track. My dad took the time to show me engines and how simple they used to be - when you could look inside and see what was what and fix it. He eventually gave up, and just focused on his pictures. I found my in teasing Ty. I told him he needed a stroller, because he was being a baby about walking. That's how big sisters teach lessons.

Ty fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We later went to the movies. Ty and I saw Race to Witch Mountain while my dad went to Fast & Furious. He's seen the other three, so he felt obligated to see the latest installment. Neither of us were disappointed.

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