22 April 2009

Auntie Danie Realized

And then I met my nephew.

When my dad and I arrived at my mom's house, my brother answered the door with his son, Donnell. He was just a few days shy of being two months old. I haven't met very many brand new babies. It felt good to hold him, even though I didn't know what I was doing. My mom handed me a towel, and I put it over my arm (like a waiter) instead of over my shoulder (like someone about to hold a baby). I was also holding his head when I should have been holding is neck. But we worked that out, and afterward, I was his clear favorite.

Everything is new to a baby. I know because Donnell kept raising his eyebrows in surprise. He raised them at me (I raised mine back), at the noise, and probably the commotion. It was fantastic meeting him. He has big hair, huge cheeks, and a tiny mouth. A quarter could cover it. He frowns when something is wrong, and gives you time to fix it before he starts crying. When he's grumpy, he pouts. It's a cute, perfect pout, maintained with a hidden upper lip and deeply protruding bottom lip. I was amazed by his every action. Donnell has a personality and even though Derek told me so, I didn't believe it. The baby likes to be near people (on them in fact), he likes to hear conversation and stare out of windows. He likes to be walked and he likes his Auntie Danie.

I walked him from room to room, and stopped by windows where he showed interest. In return, he didn't pee on me when I took too long to change his diaper. He sat patiently in a chair he usually can't stand while my mom and I exercised. He finished his bottles and did not throw up on me. We're totally kindred.

I could gush forever. It's my blog - so I really could. But I'd rather just look at his picture.