19 March 2009

Thursday. Fun Day.

This is what it looks like when the stars align. It's me, in front of a bunch of dryers.

My awesome Thursday started with a trip to the DMV (I know!) to get my license. I read the entire manual this morning in preparation. I also brought my passport, birth certificate and social security card - just in case. I can't take any more DMV issues. I went with my friend Mariana, who also needed her license. She recently got married and changed her name. And while the Social Security Administration accepted her documents as proof enough to change her name, the California Department of Motor Vehicles did not. Mariana ended up having to sit (her version here) and wait for me. Fortunately everything at the DMV was moving quickly. I even got the missing month sticker for my license plate without hassle. If I had brought the proper ticket with me, the whole thing would have been written off. Instead I grabbed a different unpaid $60 ticket. So I will have to make a fourth trip to the DMV. But I won't need to stand in line. So that's a plus.

Jesse and I then went to the airport to pick up our friend Chris - who usually is called and answers to "Homo" when we're not in San Francisco. On the way home, we spotted a couch left out for trash just two blocks from our place. As I was inspecting it for remnants of bugs or dead bodies, its former owner suggested I take it. She was moving. It's not in perfect condition - she had a short haired animal that shed quite a bit - but the couch certainly has life left. There are no rips or tears in the fabric. It's orange, which we were considering for paint. Plus everything is removable and therefore washable. I stripped it before Jesse & Chris (I didn't even have to lift!) brought it inside and scurried to the laundry washing place. I called my mom to share my excitement, and she recommended I wash everything twice and in different machines to get as much of the pet hair out as possible. And since I wouldn't let her buy us a couch, she's mailing me $10 to cover the cost of the washing. Moms are awesome - even though it seems mine has not been getting as many MRIs as an MS patient should. Don't worry. I'm watching her.

So all is grand - minus the cable car worker who stopped in to ask me (while I was clearly typing to you) if I was lonely. He also asked if I'd be lonely later tonight. If he asks, my name is Sarah. I thought I left "lying about my name" in Vegas. Guess not.

~ Danie D.

Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry


  1. Hey "Sarah",

    Had fun today...
    Here's my version.
    ...And sidewalk gods are AMAZING..
    Congratulations on the license and the COUCH!


  2. HA! Lying about the names - I think I remember a Sarah night and Rita was Sally.

  3. Glad you had a successful day!