24 March 2009

Our First Visitor | Chris

Thursday, 19 March

While I washed the upholstery, cleaned the dog hairs off the couch, and looked up new couch covers, Jesse took Chris on a walk through North Beach and over to Fisherman's Wharf. Chris had his first burger from In N Out (which he loved) and we met at a bar named The Saloon. Jesse and I had been to that bar once before. It seems like a good neighborhood bar. I can see the people who were there Thursday being there several days a week, just hanging out with their bar friends. It won't be our neighborhood bar though - I could not stop staring at the dust that had accumulated on the walls. It was high up, and appears to have been thrown from ceiling fans for years and years. I don't think it falls onto the patrons - that would be gross. Still, dust that sits and grows and is never addressed does not sit well with the same girl who was overjoyed to wash couch cushions. Thanks but no thanks.

Our adventure officially began once we left The Saloon. If you want the short version, just single click on the balloon. There are eight in all:

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We went to Coit Tower first. It was our first daytime visit and we got to go inside and see the murals. We also took a sketchy elevator up to the top so we could take more pictures of the city. The views are okay, but obstructed by both the design of the building and the glass put up to keep anyone from falling into a world of pain - if not death.

It was all downhill from there. We walked down my favorite San Francisco staircase. It seems more open to me than other steep staircases, probably because no one parks on the hill. It's not necessarily a site to see. But if you're in town with me, you likely will. The staircase was just a means to an end though. We walked through the financial district and caught a bus to Alamo Square.

Chris wanted to see the Painted Ladies - aka that row of houses from Full House. We're not sure which house was supposed to be the house used in the show, but I don't think it matters. Alamo Square is technically walking distance from Haight Ashbury. No one would have faulted us for taking a bus, but Jesse (as party leader) didn't want to chance it. So we walked another mile and a half. We might have walked more, if we hadn't spotted a bar with more than 100 kinds of rum. Hobson's saved the day.

We sat and drank and decided to go home. I'm not sure why - I think we were going to find another bar closer to home. Either way, we took a bus and a cab to undo the walking we had done. We ate like we had never tasted food before, and promptly fell asleep. I suppose we had done enough.

The pictures from Thursday are all under the "pictures of us" label to your right. But I've also made a wee little slideshow.

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