31 March 2009

Our First Visitor | Chris iv

Sunday, 22 March

We had one day left with Chris and we have a very short agenda. Chris wanted to go to M5, where the Mythbusters live. The Internet gave us no indication we'd get a tour, but the address was easy enough to find. And Chris really just wanted to see the building. His low expectations were fulfilled. M5 is not found easily located. The directions sent us to a one way road - going away from the way we wanted to go. We tried to circumvent that, and ended up going up a very steep him paved with cobble. Henry (my little car) objected and I half expected us to roll back down the hill. Once we did find it. We were faced with the most polite "go away" I've ever read. Thanks Mythbusters.

Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge. We had driven over it, but never stopped on it. We decided to stop on the Marin County side and take pictures showing San Francisco. I was not prepared for the number of people who would be doing the same on a Sunday afternoon. I also found myself getting annoyed at teens standing along the wall "taking it all in" when I needed their sports for the best picture. Does this qualify me as a "fuddy - duddy?"

There were significantly fewer people actually on the bridge, probably because the wind was strong enough to lift a small child. We walked a little less than halfway across and took more pictures. There's not much more to say about the Golden Gate Bridge. It's gorgeous. If you're here, you should visit it.

The last thing we decided to do was eat at Tex Wasabi's. Jesse & Chris both watch a lot of The Food Network. Tex Wasabi's is owned by Guy Fieri, who is one of Jesse's favorites. The restaurant is in Santa Rosa, which is less than an hour north from San Francisco. We didn't know what to expect - California has a tendency to be on the "hoity" side of "toity," and Guy Fieri is relatively famous. We were pleased and maybe a little underwhelmed. The inside seemed small, but I think there are several floors that were not in use on a leisurely weekend. I'm not sure if the food was worth the drive, but I'm leaning toward "indeed."

We decided to each get an appetizer, main course, and dessert. We figured that was the best way to sample as much as possible. The appetizers stole the show. Chris had pulled pork sliders, Jesse had fish tacos, and I had egg rolls. The entrees were average and the desserts (breathmint pie for Chris and peach cobbler for me - Jesse doesn't do most sweets) were phenomenal. I took pictures plenty of pictures.

It was at Tex Wasabi's that I decided to start skipping entrees at restaurants. I tend to order "safe" foods that don't do a lot to challenge. I also tend to wish I had room for dessert, because desserts are something I like to make, and therefore something I like to sample. Appetizers tend to have smaller portions and plenty of food. So I'm done dealing with the middle man. I'm excited to put my proposal into practice, and will let you know how it goes.

And then our visit was complete. We took a long(er than desired) drive home through Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The grapes have already been harvested, but the entire grape growing process looked very organized and therefore appealing to me.

Chris' visit was exactly what I needed. I had started to stress about money and to refuse to do anything social. Jesse and I were doing an okay job entertaining each other at home, but Chris forced us out into the bay area. Thanks to him, we saw some free entertainment that only whet our curiosity for more. As we were out with Chris, I thought of more things I wanted to do and more adventures we could take. It was a surprisingly positive experience - considering we were sitting on the floor and eating while standing up until the week Chris came. I never thought I couold be a good hostess without furniture. Now I'm adding that to the list of "things Jesse insisted would be fine, and were."

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