28 March 2009

Our First Visitor | Chris iii

Saturday, 21 March

The agenda for Saturday was to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Cruz. I was told the Boardwalk there was worth a stroll. Jesse and I had planned to go a week before, but it was raining. It was threatening to rain when Chris was here too, but I was determined to go on a road trip. Jesse & Chris weren't exactly against the trip, but they were both hungover, and therefore not exactly for it either. I told Chris I still wanted to go and I told Jesse I'd go without him. They had been inspired.

I've allowed myself to get carried away with the Google Maps. The really short version of our trip in 7 stops:

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Clouds or not, the pacific coast is pretty. It was kind of difficult to watch the scenery and drive at the same time. There were people like us on the road (who were out for a drive) and there were other people whose regular Saturday errands were being interrupted by us "Sunday drivers." I found myself speeding up, then remembering the drive was part of the ends, not just the means.

Jesse, Chris and I stopped at Pomponio State Beach. I'm not sure why - of all the beaches we passed - that one smelled the worst. There was a dead sea animal on shore. It had been poked, stabbed, and otherwise "teenage-boyed," but was still far from being completely decomposed. I felt bad for the little guy, and showed my respect by taking pictures from a distance.

Chris and I took some pictures while Jesse did what he is wont to do - he disappeared. He wanders, especially when he's close a body of water. Eventually Jesse found the spot that felt just right. And when Chris and I caught up, he was stripped down to his trunks and jumping off sand dunes. I think he had been planning to go for a swim, 50 degree weather and all. Actually I know he wanted to at least test the water, because he asked if I brought a towel. Luckily I, (knowing Jesse quite well) conveniently forgot to bring towels.

We stayed on Pomponio Beach a little longer, watching birds and happening upon a seashell. Then we got back in the car and back on task.

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