25 March 2009

Our First Visitor | Chris ii

Friday, 20 March

We didn't plan a lot for Friday, because the NDSU was playing in the NCAA Tournament. Our official agenda consisted of finding a bar with drink specials and DirecTV, and parking ourselves there at 9AM. That didn't happen. If it had, I assure our day would have been much more interested, and probably a lot less memorable.

Again, the short version of our day is easy enough to follow. I'm adding numbers to the descriptions, so no matter which balloon you click, you'll know where you fall in our trip. Today there are 7 stops:

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We started at the day at Giordano Brothers. It did not take long to realize that was a mistake.

Jesse: "You guys got any specials?"
Guy: "The game. The game's the special. It costs an arm and a leg."
Jesse: "Oh. Okay."

The it was time to order. Jesse and Chris ordered beers and I ordered my usual Captain Morgan & Coke and was denied.

Guy: "We don't have spirits."

So there we were, pretending a sandwich shop was a bar, paying $4 for un-special beers, and not having any rum. On top of that, we were watching college basketball, meaning (even with my interest in NDSU) my attention could not be held. I spent a lot of time taking in my surroundings, noticing the delicious looking sandwiches, and all the Pennsylvania artifacts. There was a giant Steeler hovering in the corner, and a sticker from Slippery Rock University, which is Kate's alma mater. But black and yellow (and yellow and green) only went so far. By halftime I was glad to go meet some ladies for lunch.

I met some of the women from work at the Cheesecake Factory. There's something about seeing work-people outside of work (and having cocktails with them at 11AM) that makes the world seem right. There's also my love of cheesecake. I ate myself sick, then met the boys who had gone to a sushi restaurant. Jesse wants everyone to love sushi. Chris was willing to try and did end up liking Jesse's recommendation. Great for them. I'm still staying away.

From sushi (and sake jello shots) we walked back toward the Haight. Our eventual goal was the Mission, and we did get there. We stopped at a restroom, and then at a bar and eventually at the place that became the highlight of Jesse's day: Taqueria Pancha Villa. I didn't eat because I was brimming with cheesecake. But Jesse designed a fajita burrito in his mind, and conveyed it to the burrito maker. He asked for something that was not on the menu and she delivered it perfectly. He was thrilled. He swore he needed help finishing it, but managed on his own just fine. Chris was focused on not accidentally eating any vegetables.

From there we took the BART to a grocery store near home, and got some bagels for our Saturday road trip. We had big plans. Once we got home, I stayed in for the rest of the night. My stomach was less than pleased with caloric intake, and threatened to clean house. Jesse and Chris went out though. And from the noises I heard when they came home, they had a great time.

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  1. Chicken Fajita Super-Burrito smothered in enchilada sauce(wet) and top with melted cheese.