23 March 2009

March Madness Indeed

Believe it or not, I've been to three cities, dozens of towns and probably four or five counties since I last wrote. We had an amazing time with Chris, and did a lot of things we'd thought about doing but never actually did. As soon as I figure out which beach pics go with which part of the coast, I'll tell you all about it.

Today I just waned to share several small successes. I've accomplished nearly all of my goals for March. Some (like working out every single day) weren't so much for realizing as they were for wishing. But the majority were concrete, and attainable. They also met the requirements I set in my 90 day challenge. I'm better off at the (near) end of March than I was near the end of January. That's a plus and I'm proud of that. So I have decided to share.

I passed the test for the California driver's license. Eventually that means I'll get to rent a cargo van using my debit card. Immediately it means I've taken another step toward finishing this eternal move from state to state. It'll be another 4 - 6 weeks for the actual license to arrive. So I'm staying away from anything that requires a picture ID.

I compiled some notes I've kept from job to job. I taken advice given and notes from presentations made and saved them via Google. I can access my Google Documents through my phone, so I always have the lessons learned at my fingertips. Mobile knowledge is the best knowledge.

I updated my address with the library (another step toward being moved), organized all of our recipes in a recipe book I created, used my back up drive to replace some files I deleted, and visited the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. I read two books and plan to read two more before the month is finished. All of the above tasks were sketched on a pad sometime during the last week of February. I still have two tasks I haven't started, and I don't want to jinx them. But I'll let you know as soon as they're completed.

~ Danie D.

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