06 March 2009

I Just Need A Moment

I've become angrier and angrier in the last eleven hours, even though I was asleep for most of it. I need a moment to explain, and hopefully get over it before I explode on an unsuspecting (and not technically deserving) Jesse.

I checked on my car Thursday. He was right as I left him - parked on a hill with his wheels facing the proper direction, permit properly displayed, license plate registered in the proper state, and with a $60 ticket on the windshield.

I only have one sticker on my plate, because that's what I got at the DMV. Yes, it's odd. It's so odd, I asked about it when I was there.

"[Do] I only get one sticker?" ~ our heroine
"Yes you only get one sticker." ~ person at window #17
That person let me leave the DMV improperly tagged. As soon as I calm down, I will be writing to the DMV. I will ask if that employee has any relatives working for the Department of Parking & Traffic. It smells like a racket to me. Any DPT employee has to know I can't display a sticker I don't have. That same employee must also be able to deduce I have nothing to personally gain from getting a $60 ticket.

This may mean I have to go back to the DMV. I was planning to go anyway for my license, but that was still a week or more away. Of course I can't go to the DMV today, because it's closed. California is broke remember, and state offices are closed today to save money. That also means I can't pay for my license with my tax refund, since no one knows when it will come. However I can still get ticketed through the weekend, as parking tickets come from the city. My sleep was disturbed all night.

Google changed it's iGoogle designed again and added the "Home" tab. Google had done this before, and I responded by no longer using the iGoogle feature.

I strongly dislike the "Home" tab. It takes up it's own row, and pushes the rest of my widgets to the side, squeezing them and making them ugly. Also, Google tried to be helpful, but allowing me to compose email from my iGoogle. But there is no rich-text formatting, which I enjoy. So I opted to use "full Gmail." But full Gmail opens in another window, when it used to open in another tab. This may seem like a lot of nothing to you, but I had streamlined iGoogle to be as efficient as possible, as this "Home" tab screws it all up.

Chris Brown & Rihanna
Chris Brown was charged with two felonies for attacking Rihanna. It annoys me that people only care because they're famous. Domestic violence happens every single day. If you've never paid attention to domestic violence before, I'm glad it's never affected your life. But Rihanna walked away. A lot of people don't. Rihanna walked back. A lot of people do. I don't think he'll go to jail. A lot of abusers don't. This is the system. This is the reality. This is the cycle of abuse. This is not new. This is not either of them being a poor example. It's both of them following examples they've probably seen several times. It's easy for outsiders to question their problems, wonder what could possibly stress them so, debate Rihanna's self esteem issues, and dictate the standards by which those two should live. But I object to her being the poster child for awareness. She's clearly not taking a stand for other victims. She asked the court not to make Brown stay away from her. A woman who can afford to stand on her own and leave (but chooses to stay) is not the story. The story could and should be about the system, the cycle, the victims who don't get away, or the children who watch daddy beat mommy and who wonder why mommy stays. Rihanna is capable of changing her life. I care more about the people who can't.

President Obama
He's traveling again today. Spending money we don't have to watch 25 police cadets graduate. I also applaud those new officers. But I'll do it for free from San Francisco. Why hasn't the President read my argument for him to actually work from home?

I also scratched my nose so hard it started bleeding. There is a positive from today though:

Roxana Saberi
A former coworker of mine was arrested in Iran. She had been there for six years and was about to publish a book about the country. She was arrested a month ago and no one has heard from her in that time. I was originally annoyed that (while the people who actually know her were calling their representatives) the entire minority journalist population asked me to sign a petition on Facebook. Excuse me? A woman is being put through what I can only imagine to be awful and a network of journalists is only concerned enough to post something on its respective wall? Her life is at stake. Please tell me you've got more than a Facebook petition.

I wrote to Secretary of State Clinton. I also sent her a text message. She did not reply, but this morning I read Hillary is aware, and that the United States is working to at least make sure Roxana is safe. Roxana's troubles properly trivialize mine. I'm still annoyed, but I am very happy to have Hillary Clinton on the case. I think her office's efforts will apply the proper pressure. Toady they're saying Roxana should be released "soon." According to that petition, more than 2,000 people are waiting.


  1. I'm not sure I fully understand what you're trying to say about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Just because she has money doesn't mean that she's more capable of leaving than anyone else. A huge part of the cycle you're talking about is post traumatic distress disorder and the depths of domestic violence are anything but as simple as having the means financially to leave or not to leave.

    In Missouri, the state prosecutes even if the victim doesn't want to. I don't know why it's not like that in most states, but here, much like victims anywhere, women go back and not because of a sense of "need" financially or because they lack self-esteem, but because they're locked in on a number of emotional and mental levels.

    Take away their money and fame, and they're a precise example of domestic abuse and the pattern it creates. The only way it will stop on her end is if he goes into serious therapy and anger management. Even then, it'll be a struggle for him. Jut as anorexia is a struggle for someone with an eating disorder...every single day he'll have to work through his violent tendencies.

    In my opinion, they are just like any other couple struggling with domestic violence only they get more publicity. One can only really hope that it will stimulate even more conversation and desire to change laws so the state can press charges, but , even so...there will always be women who stay, woman who leave and woman who die because of it. Rihanna and Chris Brown's situation should drawn no more or less sympathy from the rest of us as any other case.

  2. Oh Danie,
    That sucks about the ticket. I get so mad as well. I hear it's part of living in the city but don't buy it.

  3. Sorry about the ticket....

    I agree with you about Chris Brown and Rihanna...

    I completely disagree with you about Obama... Yes it costs a lot of money...but it's money well spent. You and I work in television...we spend our enitre day listening to our leaders pontificate and we pick soundbites from his long speeches that best fit within our time constraints....the majority of the people aren't as fortunate as we are. A lot of people don't have cable, are working, don't have time...network news rarely airs any of his speeches live...this maybe the only time people get a chance to hear what he says and all of what he says... I'm sure the stations in Cleveland aired his entire speech live.

    He is the leader of the free world....you can't be the leader of the free world sitting at your desk. He has to be amongst all the people. People need to know he cares...and the truth is...he has to sell this stimulus package. I have no idea whether its going to work, but he has to let every person he possibly can know why this stimulus bill is going to work and that he's trying to do his best to turn this country around. People see the president on tv all the time, they rarely get to see him in person. That has a major affect. He should be coming to every state. The only way this economic turnaround is if he gets the majority of the population to believe its going to work and it people believe its going to work, they will act accordingly...lending, spending money..putting money back into their local economy and the only way he's going to get that point across is talking to the people in person as much as he can.

    What is that saying, you have to spend money to make money... I think that applies here...it costs a lot now..but if he can get the economy working and get the debt down...won't it be worth it in the long run.

    By the way,

    I haven't been to San Francisco in 35 years...so I'm hoping you'll help me figure out some cool places to go...since I'll be here a week.

    Miss you,

    Give Jesse my best

    Donnell is absolutely adorable.

  4. Neesha: I was saying if we did take away their money and fame, the media would not care. I think domestic violence is an issue that never gets the attention it warrants. This is an example of that, with the media focusing on Chris Brown being in Miami, speculating if Rihanna would testify, and if CNN anchor Rich Sanchez being racist by reading the affidavit.

    I don't want this to be about them. It's rare for domestic violence to get headlines and I think the issue is being lost in the celebrity of it all.

    David: We're $10,000,000,000,000 in debt. If the economy is as bad as the Commander in Chief has told me, we do not to keep up appearances. The stimulus plan is now law. I'm a critic, but there's nothing to be done about that now. The President doesn't need to convince anybody else. Maybe (after 2 years on the road) he misses excursions. But we as a country are spending money we do not have to fund trips The Obama Administration does not need to take.

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  6. Thanks for that clarification! I agree with you, as well. It would be nice if they could use this as a stepping stone...but, alas, that rarely happens. Just look what a joke they've made out of drug addiction and rehab courtesy of Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse...etc.

    Hope you're having a great week!