04 March 2009

27 Days Later

Remember Donnell? He's my nephew and today he's 27 days old. So far I see a strong resemblance to me. I mean I don't have dimples, but look at that smirk. It's so "Danie." My brother says the baby has an "attitude." Clearly my brother is wrong. This baby is wise, possibly already witty and clever. But he certainly doesn't have an attitude. Derek called it a "what are you doing? Why are you holding me that way?" attitude. My brother says Donnell also grunts his displeasure. My mother says she has yet to be the recipient of any grunting, so clearly it's operator error on my brother's part.

I'll meet the baby next month. You'd be silly not to expect a full report.
~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry


  1. He is a doll! Your brother is probably just paranoid that he is going to fall for that cute smile and give him whatever he wants.